december tarot astrology oracle forecast 2PinHi everyone, We are getting into the month of December, and it is Sagittarius season!

Sagittarius is a vibrant fire sign that brings some light into the darkness that we are descending into in the Northern Hemisphere, as winter settles in.

Some Sagittarian themes you may experience & wish to explore:

  • Aims & Vision
  • Growth & Expansion
  • Authenticity & Truth
  • Synthesis & Integration
  • Optimism & Enthusiasm
  • The Higher Mind
  • Higher Learning
  • Adventure
  • Freedom
  • Travel
  • Philosophy/Religion

Let’s explore some of these topics…

First and foremost, I feel that the essential theme of this sign is that of aim. Sagittarius is the symbol of the archer, with an arrow as its glyph.

This sign reminds us to prioritize the refinement of our aims.

What is it that we most truly want, that our soul calls for? Sometimes we fall into a cycle that is not in line with our authenticity. And sometimes our desires change. We need to check-in every now and then- and to allow ourselves to dream big!

This month is a good time to reflect on this topic – especially since it is the last month of the year. And 2017 will be a 1 year (2+0+1+7= 10 / 1+0= 1). This will be the beginning of a new, 9 year cycle ahead! How exciting, right?

Sagittarius & Temperance =  Harmonization Of Your Soul

In the Tarot, the card linked to Sagittarius is Temperance. The polar sign is Gemini, and its card is The Lovers. Whereas Gemini is about Duality, Sagittarius is about the Synthesis and blending of the dualities. Another symbol for Sag is that of the centaur, the half-man and half-animal. This represents the blending of the “higher” and “lower” natures.

This is a good time to focus on integrating all of the “opposing” aspects of ourselves. This especially includes our “light” and our “shadows”. Sag is very much about continually rising higher, and integration can bring us to more growth, ascension and light.

And whereas Gemini is about collecting data and the Lower Mind, Sag is about the higher perspective, and the Higher Mind. The higher mind is beyond logic. It is connected to a universal perspective. We can get in touch with the Higher Mind and our higher selves through observing our desires, intuition and heart.

If you have a dream, and your mind has no idea how to get to that goal, the higher mind can direct us in ways we may not consciously understand, because it has a higher perspective on how to get there.

For that reason, it’s important to pay attention to our inspiration. That is the voice of the higher mind.

December Tarot Reading:

Here are the Tarot cards I’d drawn for December…

tarot-hierophantPinThe Hierophant – Higher Learning & Reflection

There are two interpretations that came up for this card.

One or both may apply:

This month, you may experience an inspiration or opportunity to delve into higher learning of some sort. This could be with an institution, a tradition, philosophy, a school of thought or a particular mentor/teacher.

This card indicates that it may not be a time to rush into any new beginnings, projects or goals. Take time this month to reflect, gestate, plan and organize. Change can and will happen, but now is not the time to make a lot of outward moves. Now is the time to have the action go on more internally.

9 of Swords – Emotional Purification

This card indicates that a lot of us may experience some difficult emotions this month. These emotions could be thought-induced. It may also have to do with old emotions. You may still have some deep emotions that you need to acknowledge, express and release. And you may find situations come up that trigger old feelings.

2016 is a year of purification, so this could be an opportunity to release old sadness or grief so that you may be more clear to create new wonderful things in this next cycle we will all be entering.

This card also advises that if you do experience turbulent emotions, to be gentle and compassionate with yourself. It also advises to be present with yourself and your feelings, and to let the waves ride their course.

Knight of Pentacles – Take It Easy

This card has a similar message to The Hierophant. It is saying that you can take it slow. The Knight of Pentacles is patient and prudent. He doesn’t rush into things and he understands that things take time to develop. Sometimes things need to take longer to materialise because the seed needs more nurturing, or more planning is necessary, or something needs to fall into place for optimal conditions.

December Goddess Oracle Reading

(These cards are by Amy Sophia Marashinsky)

demeter3PinDemeter – Feelings/Emotions

This is the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when Demeter mourns her separation from her beloved daughter Persephone, who was taken into the Underworld.

Demeter openly expressed her grief and withdrew her blessing of fertile growth in the world. Then the earth grew cold, and winter came.

Like Demeter, we are advised to acknowledge and express our emotions. Keeping a journal could be a good way to get in touch with how we are feeling. This is a similar message to last month’s, so it seems that this is still a relevant topic for us!

Crystals For December

These are some stones with the qualities of Sagittarius and Jupiter (which rules the sign) that you could carry or meditate with this month…

Aventurine – Known to be a “gambler’s stone”, it helps to bring luck and abundance. It also helps to encourage an easy going mood and joie de vivre!

Lapis Lazuli – A stone of truth, wisdom and royalty that helps one to speak truth. It also helps to enhance intuition.

Amethyst – A spiritual stone of wisdom that helps to open one’s intuition. It’s also believed to be a sobering stone, for drinkers!

Citrine – Helps with abundance, manifestation, confidence and a positive, joyful outlook.

Ametrine – This is a lovely combination of amethyst and citrine.

Herbs/Resins For December

Some herbs you could use this month as incense…

Frankincense – Jupiter was the king of the gods, and this resin is known to be one of kingship.

Sage – Jupiter and Sagittarius are known for their connection with wisdom, philosophy, a higher perspective and higher learning.

I am wishing you all a month of what you most need, as we close off 2016!!

Much Love,