A powerful FULL MOON in Capricorn on June 28 (5:53 am UT London,12:53 am EST and June 27 at 9:53 pm PDT) puts the emphasis on Career Breakthroughs!

Capricorn rules your public standing, inner authority and divine mission.

You are setting boundaries, accepting responsibilities, organizing and seeking security.

With Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) conjunct the Moon – the emphasis on these qualities is greatly enhanced!

Moon in Capricorn opposite Sun in Cancer are both at – the number of love, compassion, home, family, nurturing, responsibility, home business and abundance.

June 28 reduces to 10 and a 1 – attracting new beginnings. So, even though full moon’s signify a culmination, there’s also a strong sense of, “I am starting fresh today and honoring my feelings every step of the way.”


Several absolutely WONDERFUL transits accompany this full moon:

Moon conjunct Saturn – Saturn rules Capricorn

The Moon merged with Saturn during a Capricorn Full Moon is powerful!

Saturn governs time and matter and shows the importance of “timing” and self-control and boundaries. So you’re going to feel that… the time has come… for something to end, begin, change, shift or break through – but the time has come for something.

Set the space for something powerful to happen with your life in the second half of 2018. That could very well require that you set some boundaries.

Saturn also rules work and career, so notice whether the time has come for a shift regarding how you approach your divine mission.

Moon is trine Uranus, Sun is sextile Uranus

Uranus is the planet of excitement, breakthroughs, innovation, discoveries, and progressive, out-of-the-box thinking.

Honor your original ideas, your individual way of doing things.

Uranus is a rebel and likes to upend existing paradigms and traditions.

Progress is inevitable when Uranus is in play. 

Neptune forms an exact 150° inconjunct to Venus

This is super creative energy… SO imaginative and spiritual – allowing abundance to flow.

Neptune and Venus invite you to activate your innate creator in a new way, with a deeper connection to Source through an immersion into love and beauty.

Venus square Jupiter

Favors ACTING on something to generate the flow of abundance in your life!

Step into that place where you FEEL abundant. Set your mind on one opportunity, and make it happen – many doors can open now as you welcome the flow for prosperity into your life.

Jupiter trine Neptune

Jupiter trine Neptune defines beautiful unconditional love. It is so joyful, spiritual, and uplifts the soul.

This trine began at the end of May and is one of the defining transits of 2018.

Such fabulous transits happening during this powerful and positive Full Moon in Capricorn! All coincides with June’s powerful 17 universal month of immortality and leaving a legacy behind!

Make the most of the gorgeous energy!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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