It’s a New Moon, so Create Space to Feel…

New Moons, by their nature, are invisible. To us, they’re undetectable by sight, as when Sun and Moon are conjunct, her bright side shines away from us.

So instead we see her shadow.

And by showing us her shadow, she encourages us to do the same. She shows us it’s ok to feel all the feels, to enter into the dark places and accept the parts of ourselves that are normally shunned. If you don’t allow yourself the time and space to do this, well, it normally happens anyway, and extremes of emotion can play out. Tears, overwhelm, frustration, and that angry driver up front… these are all faces of the collective shadow, rising up to be seen and felt.

Here in Cancer, emotions can spill overboard. So make spaces for yourself to let them out. Hold spaces for others too.

And it’s through those emotions that incredible things can happen. Before you read on to figure out how, you can get a little bit of New Moon magic here

Cancer the Cosmic Crab: She’s Yours to Own

Cancer holds the nurturing, unconditionally loving, sensitive, empathic space within the mandala of the Zodiac. She’s the sign of the archetypal mother – the space holder, the witness, the home keeper. Cancer gives us our sense of belonging (and shows us where it’s missing). Cancer creates. She rules pregnancy and motherhood, processes of gestating life before and beyond its ability to sustain itself. Sure, you can look after yourself, but when the chips are down, that yearning to be looked after falls to Cancer.

And when you see someone in need: a lost child, a crying friend, it’s your inner Cancer that holds out a hand. (And sure, maybe you’re not a Cancer Sun, Moon or rising, but this sign lives in your personal astrology chart somewhere – you own this energy too).

PinIt’s the Zodiac sign of Cancer that epitomizes SO many of those inner, personal traits, urges, and feelings that you can’t put a price on. In contrast to the structured, financially motivated, rise-to-the-top attitude of Capricorn (and I’m not down-playing its necessity) the sign of the Crab is the glue that binds us together, human to human.

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On July 9:

  • 18:16 – Los Angeles
  • 21:16 – New York

On July 10:

  • 01:16 – London
  • 02:16 – Paris
  • 03:16 – Moscow
  • 06:16 – Delhi
  • 08:16 – Hong Kong
  • 09:16 – Tokyo
  • 10:16 – Sydney
  • 12:16 – Auckland

Cancer New Moon: Planting New Seeds

Cancer is the sign of watery emotions and combined with the New Moon; it will have an amplifying effect on earth’s natives.

Expect your heart to rule over your head!

The moon rules Cancer, and just as the moon affects the tides of the ocean, the ebb and flow in emotions will be affected just as strongly. There is a possibility to go from the highest highs to the lowest lows.

Cancer reveals all emotions, and there is no use in hiding it. Everything that is repressed comes to the fore and will rise up and be illuminated under Cancer’s moonbeams. These emotions need to be dealt with, learned from and most importantly released.

Cancer is a cardinal sign which means it is an initiator.

New Moon in Cancer means changes in the emotional realm. It may be time to reflect on the fictions you have created about yourself and the situations and people whom you allow to trigger your emotional sensitivities. This is the time where you can see through illusions so you can gain release from feeling stuck or insecure.

If you see the full white moon shining at the dark of the night, you can be assured that the same light will be cast to drive away darkness and show a moonbeam lighted path. New beginnings can only happen by peeking in and embracing Cancer’s realm of deep and profound reflections.

CANCER NEW MOON 2021 Forecast:

Cancer will be a sensitive Moon because you will be thinking about your place in the world. You will be particularly sensitive to deeper philosophical issues such as your connection to a grander design.

Are you fulfilling your life’s mission?

Are you making positive changes?

Do you think you can do more and contribute?

You will have some security issues. You may be thinking it is time for a little self-empowerment!

However, not everything this New Moon entails is about deep reflections. It will also guide you to appreciate the little things in life, such as the warm fuzzy feelings your family brings. And of course, the coffee you will be sharing with your significant other on the sofa. All these small gestures will chip away at the stresses that have been sitting on your shoulders forever.

Take time to stoke home fires and have a bonding time with the family such as cooking or gardening.

You may strangely feel that you are going through extremes of emotions. Forgiveness and forgetting are crucial to avoid all kinds of depression. Don’t think too much about things.

You may become highly subjective with the influence of the New Moon, so you should try to cultivate a certain distance so as not to let feelings of bitterness get to you.

You will be experiencing a rich emotional manifestation, and this will be a highly creative time that lets you feel your sense of belongingness in the world.


Mantras are a way of aligning your inner self to the rhythm of the universe. The power of attraction is amplified by repeating mantras and speaking your intentions. Use this affirmation in your quest for self-empowerment and inspiration.

My spirit vibrates with the rhythm of the universe. I open my heart to empathy and compassion. My emotions are balanced with a deeper consciousness. I emanate light, and my joy, wisdom, and wealth are protected.

Repeat this mantra daily, especially on the new Moon. Make sure that you have fully embedded it in your consciousness.

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5 Ways You Can Harness and Amplify the Magic of New Moon in Cancer

New Moons are the perfect time to create intentions and manifestations. Doing some rituals is a great way to get some inspiration and connect with the greater universe. By doing a small inspired act, you will make way for your psyche to absorb new energies that will get you closer to your goals.

Harness Cancer’s energies that allow you to get in touch with empathetic and compassionate feelings.

Here are 5 ways you can harness the constructive vibrations of this New Moon:

1. Have a Cleansing Catharsis

The influence of the new Moon can cause quite a bit of chaos in the emotional sphere.

Get a good cry…

Release it…

Get reenergized…

Emotional release is a very Cancerian concept, and the soothing power of finally giving in to emotions can give you physical relaxation as well as some realizations. Giving in to a good cry not only melts negative energies they also have the medical benefit of ridding your body of toxins.

Stress hormones such as cortisol are poured out of your system when you get a cathartic release. Confront your emotions. Cancer’s moonbeams allow you to look into those emotions without shame. Now is the time to look into your heart.

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2. Honor Your Roots

Cancer is all about motherhood and mother figures. Now maybe a good time to reconnect with the woman in your life you have come to call mother and spend some precious time together.

Share an energizing meal with her or go for a walk in a lovely park close to nature. Feel Cancer’s energy as it reconnects you to your roots and revitalizes your relationship with this important figure in your life. By honoring your roots, you will become more fully enlightened about the mystery of your identity and your role in the world.

3. Sit With Your Emotions

Cancer is all about the heart and emotions. Unfortunately, the culture today puts more importance on practical matters that we tend to lock up our emotions 24/7.

Emotional people aren’t weak…

Tune in to your inner voice…


Cancer rules the belly so it may be good that as you meditate, you place your hand on this body part. Close your eyes and fill your lungs with deep purifying air. Light a few lavender candles to deepen your concentration and relaxation.

You will find your truth rising up, and you need to capture it. Take note of the things that come to your mind, whether it be words or images. Eventually, you can use these revelations to sort out your feelings which can guide you in your life path.

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4. Nourish Your Digestive System

Cancer energies rule the digestive system. A good way to achieve a good mood is to soothe your tummy. You can infuse your drinking water with herbs and fruits such as lemon, basil, and strawberry. A clean body makes way for a clean mind and spirit. Heighten the positive energies by repeating a mantra as you drink or stick some inspiring word on your glass or water bottle.

Studies have shown that words and thoughts can literally change the shape of water molecules. Uplift your spirit with every nourishing drink.

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5. Revitalize your Body and Spirit

Cancer is a water sign, and the New Moon will amplify the soothing and renewing power of water. Plan a full ritual bath under the Moon’s rays and pour in some Epsom salt in your bathwaters. Epsom salt can reduce the aches and pains in your body. Rev up the potency of your bathwaters by bringing in some crystals to charge it with further healing energy.

Moonstone is the crystal associated with Cancer, so the power of this crystal will be heightened with the current New Moon. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and repeat uplifting mantras. Allow the absorption of the healing water in every pore of your body.

Being sensitive to the fluctuations of nature brings one to inner awareness and a more revitalized sense of being.

New Moon blessings to you all!

What do you want to manifest this New Moon? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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