What is astrology? The planets and the stars have been a source of wonderment for most people. In most cultures, when they look skyward, they see the face of the divine. Astrology is defined as the study of the movement and relative positions of the heavenly bodies and using that knowledge as a tool to find the meaning of life’s toughest questions.

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Can Astrology Be Categorized as Science?

Astrology falls under the category of metaphysics, which is the study beyond the physical. It is founded on the earliest theories of energy patterns like yoga and feng shui. At high levels, astrology is a mystery of its distinct sciences and the innate arts. It was referred to as Mother of all science long before history was recorded.

The Celestial Clock

In astrology, moments of times are influenced by movements of the moon, and since humans are part of the Universe, your moment of birth must be recorded in the celestial clock. As the planets continue to revolve, they engage with the fixed time energies of your birth chart.

As a student, you can depend on the myths, wisdom from previous scholars, and symbolic associations to devise your intuitive language. You will come across two cycles of outer spaces. They are the short cycles, such as the annual journey of the Sun through the Zodiac and the long cycles which show generational trends.

Knowing Yourself

Knowledge of astrology concepts is an important tool for self-discovery. When you venture into this field, at first, you might not understand what’s going on. You’ll need to stick to it, and with time, it will unfold to you and orchestrations of cosmic dance will make sense in the long run.

Astrology will help you understand that everything happens for a reason, no matter what life brings. It will shed light on your inner and natural strengths. The birth chart is a guide that will help you in self-understanding and will continue to reveal new insights to you.

Understanding the Birth Chart

Astrology can be a perplexing topic at first as it involves a different type of wisdom.  The birth chart is divided into three parts: house, planet, and sign. Everything that happens in astrology includes these three elements. Your knowledge will deepen as you continue to learn more about this concept.

 After understanding the planets, houses, and signs, now you can learn more about the aspects. Aspects involve understanding the connection between the players in your birth chart. Are they squaring each other? Or, are they in harmony with both sextiles and trines.

Where to Start with Astrology

Some people believe that there is truth in stereotypes, and that’s where they originate in the first place. The essence of each sign’s energy has accumulated a reputation. Scorpio is said to be intense and sultry, Virgo is a neat-freak and a purist, Gemini is gossipy and bright wit kind.

Sun sign is considered as the core principle nature of possible strokes. If you know what kind of Cancer you are, hold onto Sun sign, and the rest of your chart will tell the story.

Astrology as Chemistry

Astrology will give clues about why you can be repelled by, attracted to people you meet. This allows you to take things less personally, but also understand why you do not form a bond with certain people. 

Astrology Assisting in Dating Game

Possessing wisdom on Sun Sign will fill you in on the dynamics and situations of your romantic relationships. It will shed some light on the conduct of the Sun Signs when a romantic interest shows no promise. Studying astrology before committing yourself is essential as it will guide you in the right direction.

Using Astrology to Understand Relationships

Knowledge gained from astrology will help you understand better your relationships with parents, friends, bosses, and partners. You can compare birth charts with your partner to know the areas where their natures will be a source of conflict. This analysis is referred to as Synastry and you can use it to challenge and support each other so you can fulfill your personal’s destinies.