Venus In Astrology: What’s Your “Attraction Factor”?

By May 16, 2013Astrology

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In Astrology, the Planet Venus represents Love, Beauty and surprisingly, finances.

Even folks who know nothing about astrology all seem to recognize her connection with love. And it’s true. Where Venus falls in your chart is some indicator of your love life. BUT … like everything in astrology, many other factors are involved in interpreting exactly what Venus is ‘saying’.

More than just your Love Life

But Venus, in astrological terms, represents more than your love life. She is also connected with beauty and finances. And the way we can understand these aspects of the Venusian energy is by looking at the two signs she rules.

Taurus and Libra

Venus is the ‘Lord’ of both Taurus and Libra. As the ruler of Taurus (keywords: “I Have”) Venus is absolutely concerned with possessions, investments and wealth-building. As the ruler of Libra (keywords: “I Balance”), she also values harmonious relationships of all kinds, including visual harmony or beauty.

People who have Libra rising, for example, are said to be the most beautiful. And those with well-aspected Venus in their charts will tend to have beautiful homes and harmonious relationships.

Your Attraction Factor

Where Venus falls in your chart (by sign, house and aspect) gives you a really good indicator of the kind of person you are attracted to – and the kinds of folks you get along with. In a man’s chart, this is a direct suggestion of what he finds attractive in a woman. For a woman, Venus points to the qualities in a man she most values.

For example, if you’ve got Venus conjunct Mercury, you value communication as part of your relationships. Whereas if your Venus is in relationship (by aspect) to the moon, feelings and intuition are what it’s all about for you!

If you would like to have more harmonious relationships, then look to Venus in your astrological chart to uncover what qualities would work best with your own nature.

And in the mean time, do let me know your questions about the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Wealth in the comments below!

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