aries bigARIES

As Mars leaves Aries, a lack of physical energy leaves you feeling drained. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your get up and go has got up and left. Financially, it’s an excellent week for planning ahead. Show gratitude for your abundance.



Mars in your sign brings you a huge burst of energy and enthusiasm. This take on the world feeling is empowering, so tackle difficult problems now and don’t shy away from a challenge. You certainly have what it takes to win.



Issues from the past rear up again and it’s time to lay them to rest once and for all. Consider therapy or counseling if needed. Getting your fears and worries out into the open will be healthy and therapeutic. Chase those demons away.



Being in charge matters to you now and you’ll want to stamp your authority on any teamwork or social activities. Don’t expect everyone to like your attitude, however. Someone may think you’re too arrogant for your own good.



Career goals are so close now you can almost taste them. Be prepared for one last obstacle, and keep the faith while you figure out how to address it. You’ve worked hard to get here, so don’t allow fatigue to dim your sense of pride.


virgo VIRGO

Feeling penned in? Stretching is important, whether it’s your muscles or your mind. Take a trip, if you can, and get plenty of fresh air. New ideas challenge your long-held beliefs and prejudices, but that’s a good thing.



Passions run high over a betrayal or an infidelity. With tempers reaching boiling point, stay safe, and stay calm. Avoid the temptation to seek revenge. Nothing is as bad as it seems; you will understand this once temperatures cool.



Mars arrives in your romance zone, so it’s a great time to make the first move towards someone you like. If you’re already in a relationship, plenty of couple time helps deepen and develop your love. Make your partner a priority.



Nobody could question your enthusiasm and drive to get healthier. Avoid taking exercise or diets to extremes, however. Instead, work on a slow, gradual adjustment to your daily routines which can have a lasting impact.



Take a hobby to the next level. You have more skills than you realize in this area, and it could potentially be an income as well as being fun. Who says you can’t love what you do for a living? Look into it this week.



Tempers flare within the family, with one relative being exceptionally stubborn. Is this really your battle to fight? Sometimes the best we can do is to allow people to make their own mistakes, no matter how much we love them.



Your ability to get things done this week is outstanding. A strong focus means you can power through tasks which last week would have taken forever. Make the most of this energy by getting ahead where you can.

About Kelli Fox

Kelli was first drawn to astrology during her childhood in Australia where she began recording sun signs for anyone willing to share. She studied at the College of Humanistic Astrology and from there became accredited with multiple organizations: PMAFA, ISAR C.A.P., CA NCGR IV. In 1995, Kelli created where she continued to live her passion until 2003. In 2019, Kelli created and launched to meet a need she saw in the current astrology landscape.

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