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june horoscopesSTRAIGHT TO THE POINT:

What starts out as a happy-go-lucky week with a real party vibe may quickly disintegrate into a much more ill-tempered few days. Entrenched ideas cause conflict for all but the most open minded individuals.


Money is a real sore point just now, especially if you are being asked to bail out a family member or friend. You won’t want to share your finances – or your time – but don’t be resentful of those who need your help.


You and your partner lock horns as you try to reconcile very different opinions. Children and domestic duties are potential sources of tension, but at least your joint finances seem to be in relatively good shape.


Your frustration is largely centered around your own time management issues – you’re wasting such a lot of time, but you lack the motivation to change. Talk to friends who can offer advice and support.


You’re not taking criticism at all well and you may want to retire to a darkened room to lie down whenever anyone has an opinion on your work. Relax and take it on board, Cancer – most of it is constructive.


After a sociable start to the week, your work-life balance is compromised as your responsibilities increase. Keep doing your best to balance your various duties – nobody could say that you’re not trying very hard.


It’s a promising start to the week as your communication talents bring you recognition and credit at work. However, training and study are difficult, and you may struggle to keep your focus later in the week. Get plenty of sleep.


Change may be forced upon you this week. It’s not easy to adapt, but travel and a change of scenery may help you to get your head around the new situation. Restlessness will fade if you can spend time outdoors.


Make a point of seeking compromise, especially within your closest relationship. There’s no time for petty point scoring; work together to overcome interference from a negative third party who would like to see your partnership fail.


Burning the candle at both ends? Slow down this week and take more time to relax, meditate or dream. Be present in the moment. Happy interludes in your love life help you to deal with increasing pressure at work.


You’ll be at your happiest when you stay busy. Bad feeling among certain friends is not very pleasant and your social life leaves a lot to be desired just now – but by focusing on work you can keep your sanity intact.


Hobbies and interests would bring you a lot of joy if only you had time to pursue them. Your spare time is limited by increasing work and family commitments, however, leaving you with precious little “me time” for now.


Try to keep an eye on the details. You’re preoccupied with bigger picture issues, but the day to day necessities need your attention too. Family relationships are harmonious, however, which helps you to keep your focus better.

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