The Big Picture:

A tricky opposition between the Sun and Saturn this week forces us to learn lessons we’ve tried to ignore in the past. However, as Neptune turns retrograde, many of us will still be in denial over what we need to face. Uncomfortable emotions may prevail, but this feeling of uncertainty won’t last for long. Hang on in there!

aries bigARIES

Self-confidence can easily turn to arrogance now, especially at work. Don’t lie about or embellish your skill set – instead, make sure it really is top notch. If you exaggerate your abilities, you’re likely to be caught out.



Financial pressures bite, but you can alleviate a lot of the pressure by simply being more careful with your money. You’re better off than you think. Investigate where you might be wasting your hard-earned cash, and reign it in.



You and your partner may be on entirely different pages about your joint future ambitions. You can’t ignore this any longer, so sit down and talk it through. There is a compromise to be made which will work rather well – if you want to find it.



Feeling exhausted? This week you are reminded that you are, after all, only human – so a lack of sleep or a poor diet will catch up with you and sap your vitality. The answer is simple: prioritize your health and put your own needs first for once.



Friends may accuse you of spoiling things this week, because you are the voice of reason and sanity. Don’t be taken in by this. A social or friendship issue has been taken too far, and secretly many people are pleased that you’re calling time on it.


virgo VIRGO

This week’s powerful opposition highlights an imbalance between your work and your family life. It’s time to stop chasing the myth of “having it all”; instead prioritize what really matters to you right now. You can change priorities later.



This week’s energy reflects a certain amount of forgetfulness and absent-mindedness on your part. You’re trying too hard to make everything happen, and overlooking the details. Take a step backwards. Allow the week to unfurl, rather than forcing it.



Your values are tested this week, and you may find yourself having to argue your corner or defend your beliefs – even against a lover. Stand firm and don’t be talked out of what you hold dear. It is possible to agree to disagree over these issues!



Stalemate in love isn’t as drastic as it might first appear. You may have misunderstood one another recently, but this is nothing you can’t fix if you are willing to communicate. Do the emotional work needed to strengthen your relationship.



Reality isn’t living up to your expectations, so unsurprisingly you prefer to retreat to a dream world. Meditation, reading and dreamwork will help you to sort through your emotions. The answer lies close, but hidden.



Wilfulness puts you at odds with friends, family and colleagues this week. Perhaps you are making this issue more difficult than it needs to be? Re-think your position, and seek a compromise. Not everything needs to be a battle.



Disapproval or criticism from your extended family is hard to take. Hold your head up high, and seek solace from your sweetheart. Others have no right to judge you, so pay no attention to their opinions. They honestly do not count.

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