The Big Picture:

Watch out for enjoying too much of a good thing this week, as the Sun tangles with hedonistic Neptune and excessive Jupiter. Mercury moves into attention-seeking Leo, so dramatic ideas are par for the course, and it’s a sociable week too, as Venus arrives in friendly, chatty Gemini.

aries bigARIES

Looking for love? It’s right under your nose! Don’t be surprised if a friendship turns into something more, or if a colleague lets you know they’re a fan. If you’re in a relationship, while away the nights sharing dreams and ideals.
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Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you plenty else, so your focus now is firmly on materialism and financial security. It’s a great week for spoiling yourself with a treat, or for firming up your pension plans.
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It’s party central at yours! Whether you’re looking for love, friendship or fun, your social nature shines and Venus in your sign helps you attract the attention of others. Why not arrange something special and keep the laughter flowing?
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A sense of karma and destiny surrounds you now, and you’ll notice spooky coincidences and strange signals from the cosmos. Know that you are on the right path and life is unfolding nicely. Ask for a sign and you’ll probably get it.
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Show off your creative talents at work and prove that you can have the next big idea. With Mercury now in Leo, your imagination is your biggest asset. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that your dreams are impossible. If you can think it, you can do it.
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virgo VIRGO

An issue with your social life needs patience and tolerance. Don’t rush to judge a friend, as you may have misunderstood. Stand by those who have always stood by you, and trust your own ability to choose your friends wisely.
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Your communication abilities bring opportunities at work. You have a flair for what to say and how to say it, so don’t hide this talent – use it! Solve a problem and make yourself indispensable to your colleagues.
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Venus stirs up jealousy, especially if your partner is in a flirtatious mood. Have a conversation about what is and isn’t acceptable in your relationship – but make sure you then honor that agreement, instead of stalking your lover!
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Cue kittens and glitter and rainbows. Venus moves into your love zone and romance is your top priority. Make an extra effort with your sweetheart, or if you’re single, introduce yourself to someone you fancy. Take the initiative with love.
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Love is all about the little things now. Never mind the grand, expensive gestures. Do your partner’s chores, or leave them a love note in a surprising place – small acts can be much more meaningful than spending a lot of money.
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This is a great time to have difficult conversations in your closest relationship. Mercury’s arrival in your love zone helps to ease the awkwardness, and will get you closer to a compromise solution than you’ve dared to dream before.
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Home is where the heart is and you won’t want to stray too far from your own four walls. Quality time with your kids or your other half is important now, so de-prioritize the rest of your tasks accordingly. Give yourself space.