The planets are in a very positive mood this week, so it’s a great time to cultivate optimism about your plans for next year. A Full Moon in Gemini reminds us to get in touch with others and to reach out to those we might have lost touch with. Make someone’s life better by saying hello.

aries bigARIES

Keep your message clear and focused this week. Remember that non-verbal communication is important too, so watch your body language. With social media, be careful that your words aren’t misinterpreted, accidentally or deliberately.
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Look at how much you’ve achieved in 2016! Even if you think you’ve struggled, you’re still here, and you’ve survived. Big up your own accomplishments and cement your self-esteem – but don’t put others down along the way.
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Emotions are closer to the surface than normal, with the Full Moon in Gemini. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to cry or to mourn for opportunities lost. Come to terms with the past so that you can embrace the wonderful future which lies ahead.
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Dream, meditate, relax. The Full Moon encourages a reflective focus. Learn from your mistakes but also congratulate yourself for how far you have come. It’s not your most sociable mood, but quiet get-togethers will be rewarding.
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Make a point of thanking those who have helped you. Take a group of friends out for a meal, or send flowers to someone who put you first when they didn’t have to. You have a strong, supportive network around you – that’s something to celebrate.
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virgo VIRGO

Changing your mind about your career path? It’s never too late to try something new. If your job doesn’t bring you pride and emotional satisfaction, consider switching to something which does, even if that means a lower income for a while.
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Listen to your inner calling. Spiritually, there are many opportunities for growth. Follow your instincts to learn more about yourself and about the valuable work you are here to do. Don’t hesitate to sign up for a course of study.
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Release grudges and offer forgiveness. You’ve held onto a hurt for far too long, but now is the time to wipe the slate clean – for your sake. Send blessings to those who have wounded you, and take back your power by refusing to dwell on this any longer.
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Intense Full Moon emotions mean a potentially bumpy ride for a relationship – but only because your connection together is meaningful. Work on compromise and learn to value the love you have and the stories you share.
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You either need more order in your life, or more chaos. You’ll know which. The Full Moon encourages you to shake things up or to calm things down, depending on your situation. What you mustn’t do is to allow things to keep moving ahead as they are.
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Passions run high – crazy dates, impulsive flings, a new relationship or a torrid affair…which of these is on your agenda? Right now, you enjoy taking risks and raising eyebrows. Just one thing. Who will clear up the mess afterwards?
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Your work-life balance leaves a lot to be desired and the Full Moon may prompt a crisis. Stay calm and choose with your heart. You can have it all, but not until you’ve thought it through very carefully, and in conjunction with your family.