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This Week’s Big Themes:

Venus moves into Sagittarius this week, so love becomes less demanding and a whole lot more fun. However, a stern and rather gloomy Mercury-Saturn conjunction may drag moods downwards. Meanwhile, Mars opposes Uranus in a very tense aspect which highlights conflict – there could be a lot of anger in the mix, and potentially some serious consequences to a loss of temper.

aries bigARIES

Conflict arises over your beliefs or prejudices, but step back from it and don’t allow anyone to push your buttons. If you’re confident in your own opinions, why would someone’s opposing view trouble you so much?



Infidelity or jealousy may cause much anger this week, but you could be over-reacting. First, establish the facts. Don’t believe everything you hear. Once you know the truth, try to take a more measured approach.



With Venus now transiting your love zone, it should be a reasonably romantic week. Watch out for being too possessive in a relatively new relationship, however. Allow each other some space to breathe and some freedom to be yourselves.



Tensions at work may eat in your home life too, making it difficult for you to relax. Try to leave work behind once you leave. If you’re self-employed, that could be tricky…but there’s no need to subject your family to the stress.



Someone’s foolish behavior impacts on you, much to your fury. This may be a child or a teenager, and you will have to be careful and proportionate in your reaction. Remember, you were no angel yourself at that age!


virgo VIRGO

Tensions with in-laws or estranged family members may reach boiling point. Try not to be drawn in too far. You can’t choose your relatives the way you choose your friends, this is true. But then again, you don’t have to like them either.



Think before you speak. Impulsive words could land you in trouble this week, especially in love. If you do end up saying the wrong thing, apologise swiftly and sincerely – this is not a time to allow wounds to fester.



Tensions over money put you in a very bad mood indeed – but are you getting too caught up in materialism? You must pay your bills, sure, but money need not dominate your life to this extent. Have a re-think.



Someone questions your identity this week, or pours scorn on who you are. It’s a painful experience and you’re right to be upset. However, you’re stronger than this. Stand up tall and walk away. It’s their problem, not yours.



Being forced to socialize when you don’t feel like it will make you very grumpy this week. However, if you accepted an invitation, you really should turn up. Maybe next time don’t be so quick to say yes to things you don’t want to do!



You feel unfairly treated at work, or passed over for a promotion which should have been yours. So – don’t get mad, get a better job! If you’re not happy where you are, start your job search in earnest this week. There are opportunities waiting for you.



Travel disruption may raise tempers this week, but there’s a hidden blessing in among the chaos. Look for reasons to be thankful about what happened, instead of being frustrated. Your attitude will determine how well the week goes.

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