aries bigARIES

You’re not particularly materialistic, but now you’re all about your money, your possessions, your rights and your comforts. Don’t become obsessive about protecting what is yours. Sharing a little wouldn’t hurt you.


Trying to get a reaction from your partner could lead you into trouble this week. Don’t create an argument where none need exist. If you think you’re not communicating well together, the solution is to talk more and create less drama.


Your spiritual awareness takes a big leap forwards this week – however, you’re in danger of being taken in by a con artist. Don’t spend too much time believing what others tell you – and don’t forget to re-visit the real world occasionally.


It looks as though you may be taken for granted this week. You’re happy to play your part in a team effort, but it’s also important that you acknowledge your own needs and give yourself credit for your own work. Honor yourself as an individual.


There’s a lot of potential success on the cards at work this week. Congratulations! However, don’t become so focused on achieving your goals that you forget to act with integrity and honor. The race to the top doesn’t have to be heartless.

virgo VIRGO

You may well be right. In fact, you’re almost certainly right. Does that make you feel better? What’s the point of being right if you can’t use that knowledge to make a difference? This energy is about how you lead, not how right you are.


You’re being far too stubborn on one issue. Ask yourself why. Most likely, it’s fear which is sticking your feet to the ground. Get rid of the fear and you’ll find yourself much more able to contemplate alternative viewpoints.


You and your sweetheart are in almost perfect synch this week – but all that closeness may be a little bit suffocating. Make time to be together, but make sure you also find time to be individual people, with your own interests and your own friends.


You’re the perfect organizer this week. You take care of everyone’s needs, get everyone to the right place at the right time, and keep everyone happy and productive. But what about you? Who takes care of you? Make yourself a priority.


You have a creative idea that you’re bursting to run with – great! Don’t get upset by constructive criticism of it, however. Not everyone will love what you do. Take that and use it to get better rather than to get mad.


You’re reluctant this week to step into the limelight, or indeed to leave the house. Quite happy in your secure zone, you’re not really interested in taking a chance. But what are you missing? How will you know what’s out there if you don’t look?


There’s a lot of talking going on this week, but not so much listening. Don’t assume that you know what your sweetheart, your friend, your child or your boss wants. Hear what someone says, not what you think they should be saying.