June HoroscopesPin

aries bigARIES

There’s so much you could learn from travel. If you can journey far afield that would be fabulous; if not, at least make the effort to get out and about within your neighborhood. Meet some new faces and be inspired by fresh company.


Don’t let jealousy spoil your week – or envy, for that matter. Yes, someone you know is richer than you, financially, but are you sure they’re richer in other ways which matter more? Count your own blessings and look at how fortunate you are.


With Mercury arriving in Gemini and Full Moon in your love zone, it’s a terrific week for dating, partying and for letting your lover know how much you care. Keep talking, even if you have some disagreements – negotiate and compromise.


Feeling worn down? It’s time to put your feet up and get some much-needed rest and respite. Delegate some of your work and personal responsibilities to willing colleagues and family members. Re-charge your batteries while you can.


What a fantastic week for a party! If you can’t think of something to celebrate, go and create something magical! It’s a sociable, fun-loving and hugely creative moment for you, so it would be a shame to waste these energies by staying at home.

virgo VIRGO

Family relationships are very loving and harmonious, and forgiving too, even if you do have to spend extra hours at work. Make the most of what time you do have together by creating some special memories. Rules and chores can wait.


Enjoy getting your teeth stuck into a new course or qualification of some kind. It’s all about stretching your mind and learning new things. If you can do so with a group of like-minded souls, so much the better!


A small financial blessing puts you in a good mood, but what really counts are the emotional blessings coming your way. You’re feeling loved and loved up, so make plenty of time for your special someone.


A Full Moon in your sign is the perfect excuse for creating an adrenaline rush of some kind. Whether it’s extreme sports or a big outdoor adventure, get your heart racing and your sense of excitement building – life’s too short to be boring!


Getting plenty of peace and quiet is important to you, so don’t feel that you have to party if you don’t want to. Do free your imagination though, through daydreams, poetry, music and magic. Alone time doesn’t have to be boring.


You’re on top sociable form and would love to meet some new friends. Join a new hobby or interest club or get out and make a difference in a community organization. Pull together as a team with others and get things done!


Work is your top priority now and you should start to see some praise and recognition for all of your efforts. If you’re missing family time, however, get clever about how you schedule your time. Use technology too, to catch up with loved ones!