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aries bigARIES

Expect the unexpected when it comes to money. There could be a shock in store but remember that you have many more talents than you realize. If one door closes, another will soon open, brighter than before. Hang on in there.


Your sign is at the centre of celestial upheaval, so don’t be surprised to feel shaken and stirred. The good news is that these changes and surprises give you the chance to take control of your own life, and to shift its direction significantly.


Secrets aren’t likely to stay secret for very much longer, so ensure that your dealings are all above board – both in business and in your personal life. Come clean if you have made mistakes, because the energy favors a fresh start.


Your social life faces some major changes and not all of them will be welcome. If you do part company with someone, try to stay positive. There are many new friendships waiting in the wings, if you only choose to go and seek them.


Expect drama in your career or working life, quite possibly with you being pushed front and center against your will. As daunting as this may be, seize the chance to show what you can do. Demonstrate your skills with confidence.

virgo VIRGO

A shock event may cause you to question your beliefs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Re-evaluating where you stand on certain issues is an important part of your spiritual growth. Be proud of yourself for being flexible.


In love, jealousy or deception could cause shockwaves which take a while to die down. Don’t do anything in haste. Take time to reflect. Before you rush to judge your partner, ask this: are you whiter than white yourself?
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Tensions in your love life will be easier to handle if you remain flexible and open-minded. Don’t dig your heels in against your sweetheart, or you will both lose. Change is coming, so you may as well embrace it with a smile.


If you’ve been neglecting your health and wellbeing, events this week could be considered a warning or a wakeup call. Put your own health front and center of your priority list and start to find ways in which you can heal yourself.


Brilliant new ideas are flooding into your mind but not everyone wants to listen. If you need to make a good impression, you’re going to have to go big and bold. Shout your concepts from the rooftops; it’s important that you are heard.


A huge burst of energy heads your way, but this can lead to anger and frustration if you don’t channel it well. Try sports or outdoor activities to help keep you on an even keel. Within the family, practice tolerance and patience as far as possible.


Boredom is a huge problem but beware of the desire to change things up “just because”. Follow your interests in your spare time and learn how to skill up so that you can take on new challenges at work.
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