aries bigARIES

Forgive yourself for your weaknesses this week. They are just as much a part of you as your strengths are, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to be human. Take this compassionate energy and direct it inwards. Be good to yourself.


Talk to your sweetheart about your shared goals, dreams and ambitions. Get on the same page regarding your future and your ideals. Resolve any differences in how you feel about these things, so that you can move forwards as a united front.


Bring a spiritual element to your everyday work. Whatever you do for a living, do it for the highest good and with as much care and diligence as you can muster. Be proud of your work, even if it isn’t the career you would have chosen.


Look beyond your household and your immediate neighborhood. You can be a force for good in the world this week, in terms of the wider society we all live in. Get involved in a cause which moves you. Make a difference.


This is an excellent time for forgiving difficult family members, especially in your extended and more distant family. They cannot help who they are, and they are learning their own lessons on their own path. Focus on your own journey.

virgo VIRGO

Get closer to your sweetheart on an intellectual basis this week. Discover what makes you best friends. If you’re single, look for a partner who satisfies you intellectually, not just emotionally or physically. Look for a deeper connection.


If you’re longing for a more meaningful way to make a living, start small. Look into your hobbies and your under-used skills – can you put these to good use and earn some money at the same time? It’s a good time to start a side venture.


Let artistic hobbies inspire you. Visit a gallery or a show, go to a concert or a gig. Paint, draw, bake, sew, get messy. Let your inner child out. Through indulging this creative streak, you’ll grow as a person, and you’ll grow in happiness too.


You would sacrifice anything for your family, but this week’s energy reminds you that you must put yourself first sometimes. If you haven’t nurtured yourself, you won’t be able to nurture others. Who cares for the carer?


You’re good at talking the talk, but what about walking the walk? This week, you have the perfect opportunity to put one of your cherished principles into practice. Lead from the front and show others how to bring about change in an ethical way.


Extend a helping hand to a colleague who is struggling. You might not get much credit for it professionally speaking, but that’s not what this is about. Treat others at work how you would like to be treated – make it a team effort.


Be inspired by escaping into nature. Whatever the weather, time outdoors – preferably in a wilderness – will soothe and settle you, while helping your imagination to fly. Get out from your own four walls and explore.