aries bigARIES

Find your softer side. Sure, you could easily get what you want via force now, but why would you? Show the world your compassion, your bravery and your tolerance. Don’t take what you can get simply because it’s easy.


Keep your cards close to your chest and don’t discuss your private life with others. Likewise, keep the confidence of anyone who confides in you. Information is power during these energies – so don’t give yours away.


Lively conversations with friends, family and colleagues can quickly turn into full scale war if you don’t adopt a more flexible approach. Have your say, yes, but avoid being dogmatic and aggressive over your viewpoint.


You have an unusual amount of influence over others and you may find yourself being the spokesperson for a group. Check your motives carefully before you make a move. Are you acting for the greater good, or just for your own good?


You’re very concerned with big picture issues. Who’s going to save the world? That’s not clear, but what is certain is that someone still has to take the trash out and pick up the kids. Don’t ignore the small details which make life tick.

virgo VIRGO

Use your intuition. Logic will only get you so far during these energies – there is a lot which is currently hidden from view. You have a strong inner sense of who you can trust, and you are rarely wrong. Heed your feelings and act accordingly.


Ever the zodiac’s natural diplomat, your instinct is to calm, to soothe and to negotiate a way forwards. Use this skill in your own personal relationships and show your lover that you really do mean to find a solution. Keep talking. You’ll get there.


You may need to make adjustments in your career in order to maintain your physical and emotional wellbeing. The stress of work can be truly harmful to you, but you have the chance now to find a new equilibrium.


There’s a playful and creative vibe around you and it’s the perfect time for getting new ideas off the ground. Don’t be afraid to experiment at work, or to be more spontaneous at home and in your love life. Forget the rules – go with your heart.


It’s a very busy week at home, perhaps with unexpected guests or appliances breaking down and requiring repair. Despite all the comings and goings, however, you’re finding a new sense of peace and calm amid the chaos. Home is your castle now.


Focus on difficult paperwork this week, or tie up lose ends in work or study matters. The energy around you is busy but proactive and positive, so keep going. You’ll have accomplished a lot by the end of the week, which should be satisfying.


It’s a fantastic week for manifestation and conscious creation. Whatever you can imagine, you can start to bring into being now. Be aware of the values you are showing in everyday life, and start to live the life you want to lead.