aries bigARIES

You love to shock, huh? The potent Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries finds you doing something completely out of the blue, with no care for the consequences. It could be amazing. It could be disastrous. Handle with extreme care.


Venus’ arrival in Taurus coincides with an upsurge of self-confidence and a desire to expand your social circle. The Full Moon eases relationships with work colleagues too, so overall the vibe is friendly, easy-going and enjoyable.


It’s all about balancing risks. On the one hand, you want to rock the boat and a group you belong to could certainly do with a shake-up. On the other hand, the Full Moon in your risk zone urges caution. Can you find a middle way?


A Full Moon in your family zone highlights where your work-life balance may reach a point of crisis. Avoid making sudden and irreversible decisions at work, however. There is always an answer. Stay calm, and buy yourself some time to find it.


Venus moves into your career zone, so your charm and social skills should help you progress at work. Be very careful to be honest in all that you say and do, however, as any lies or insincerity are likely to be shown up by the Full Moon.

virgo VIRGO

You’re not normally one to take financial risks, but gambling could become a problem now. Compulsive energies from the Venus-Uranus conjunction can spiral out of control, and the Full Moon urges caution at every turn.


The focus now is on your personal identity versus your identity as part of a couple. If your freedom is restricted, or your partner is very jealous and possessive, these energies could mark a crisis point. Never be afraid to walk away.


Sweet Venus arrives in your love zone, so romance is very high on the agenda. Surprise dates and out of the blue proposals are the order of the day – the Full Moon certainly hints at a secret which will make you very happy!


Risk taking is in your nature, but right now you’re taking things much too far. Think carefully about your actions. With either love or money, you have so much to lose. Get support from a more grounded lover or friend.


It’s a joyful week in the family home, with positive change on the way. You may be moving home, or perhaps expanding your family. This has an impact on your career, however, and the Full Moon finds you thinking hard about the future.


Your values and your open-mindedness are being tested, especially influenced by this week’s Full Moon. You talk a good talk, but are you walking the walk? If not, expect to be found out, quite probably by an irate family member.


You’d do almost anything to wriggle out of a particular responsibility. However, knuckling down to what you are supposed to be doing will prove to be more important than you realize. Do the right thing, or face Full Moon consequences.