aries bigARIES

Do you like the impression others have of you? What do you think you portray with your image? If you’d like to change the way people view you, think about how. Mercury retrograde helps you to better understand how you come across.


Your normally good intuition could let you down as Mercury turns retrograde. Don’t make assumptions or leap to conclusions -wait for the facts to emerge. This is particularly important when it comes to romance and friendships.


You’re a very supportive friend, but what happens when you need support in return? Sometimes, it just isn’t there, and this is one of those weeks. You may be upset by the attitude of some friends. Hang on in there. Mercury retrograde is hiding the facts.


Expect to be under intense scrutiny at work. Despite your absolute best efforts, some people will never be satisfied. Don’t get hung up on other people’s opinions of you – if you know that you’ve tried, then that is all that matters.


You’ve been so preoccupied with big picture issues recently that you’ve neglected the details. As Mercury turns retrograde, you’re reminded to sweat the small stuff. Zero in on family and love especially, and give more of your time to this.

virgo VIRGO

You’ve taken on too much, and it shows. You cannot be all things to all people all of the time. For the sake of your own mental and physical health, you will have to let some things slide. Focus on what matters to you most.


With Mercury turning retrograde in your house of love, silly arguments can quickly turn poisonous at home. Stay one step ahead of the game by apologizing promptly and with feeling. Don’t let anger simmer away in the background.


You hate not being able to plan ahead, but this Mercury retrograde plays havoc with your scheduling. Try to be more flexible and spontaneous. If Plans A, B and C don’t work out – hey, never mind. See what unfolds instead.


Your recklessness could be your undoing as Mercury turns retrograde in your risk zone. There’s a fine line between exuberance and foolishness, and you’re not always on the right side of it. Take greater care – if not for your sake, for your loved ones.


An unsettled week for your family life, as Mercury turns retrograde in this zone of your chart. However, that doesn’t have to mean it’s a difficult time. If you can embrace some flexibility and drop some rules, you might even have fun!


Does it feel as though everything is up in the air? It’s very hard to pin anything down with any certainty once Mercury turns retrograde. Try to focus on your emotions instead of facts. What feels right? What feels good? Do those things.


Finances may be stretched close to breaking point once Mercury turns retrograde. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Get creative with ideas on how to live well for less. You might even enjoy this thrifty period!