aries bigARIES

Normally, when work-life balance is out of step, it’s the work end of the equation which needs scaling back. In your case, however, you may need to step up and take on more work now – for your family’s sake, as you need to shore up your income.



Try not to obsess over what someone said, or didn’t say, or might have said but not to you. Communication should be open and transparent this week. Where it isn’t, pretend it is. Think the best of what others are saying about you.



Someone owes you something. Whether it’s money or a favor, you’re determined to get the debt paid up. Make allowances for your debtor, however. Life circumstances can interfere with all of our plans. Don’t be so hard on people.



If you’re intent on establishing a new relationship, try not to come across as scary or desperate to your intended partner. You’re a little too intense this week. Take a step back and don’t be so controlling. Allow the relationship to form naturally.



Getting healthy is a good thing, but you’re pushing your body too far. Whether it’s extreme exercise or a narrow and overly restrictive diet, you must loosen it up a little. Be kinder to yourself. If something hurts or makes you miserable, stop doing it.


virgo VIRGO

You’re very passionate about a cause close to your heart this week, but you may be putting others off by being too forceful about it. Try gentle persuasion instead of coercion. Lead by example and let people make their own decisions.



Work is going well, so naturally you’re keen to make the most of this energy. However, you’re in danger or burning out. Make time this week for your family, friends and leisure pursuits. There’s more to life than work.



Put your investigative and research skills to good use by looking in-depth into a subject which interests you. Whether you do this formally by starting a course of education, or informally by teaching yourself, you’ll benefit hugely from it.



Beware of too much passion, jealousy and anger in a relationship. Controlling behavior is likely to end badly for all concerned, so check your motives. Step away from any abuse immediately and seek professional help if necessary.



You’re a little obsessed this week over how others see you – but why? If you’re happy with yourself, nobody else’s opinion matters. And when you’re looking in the mirror, remember to look deeper than superficial looks. Appreciate you for who you are.



Niggling doubts and strange thoughts may plague you this week, and you may develop a weird fascination or obsession with a particular topic. Pursue it by all means but try to stay within the law in doing so. Don’t go to extremes!



You’re not normally a gambler, but this week’s energy may prompt you to indulge in some very risky strategies indeed. Listen to you gut instinct and walk away from anything which seems too good to be true. Take the safer route, always.