aries bigARIES

It’s romance all the way, with Venus arriving in your dating zone. It’s perfect for a new romance, but even if you’ve been together for some time, you’ll be able to reignite that spark of magic. What’s not to love about that?



The New Moon energies bring a boost to your finances, so you can breathe a little easier in that regard. It’s a wonderful week for home improvements and domestic bliss too, so enjoy plenty of time with your nearest and dearest at home.




The Gemini New Moon puts a spring in your step and you can find reasons to smile about almost everything this week. Open up communication with someone you’ve fallen out with; see what you can do to heal this rift.




Get plenty of privacy and avoid busy, crowded areas or hectic social events – you need some space. It’s a good time to spoil yourself a little, so treat yourself to something or indulge in your favorite hobbies.




Venus arrives in your sign – perfect for dating and for making a good impression on almost everyone. The New Moon falls in your friendship zone, so your social life is picking up too. A real feel-good week is on the cards – enjoy!


virgo VIRGO

Get stuck into work with a fresh sense of optimism now, courtesy of the New Moon in your career zone. Socially, this is a relatively quiet week, but you’re fine with that as work is your absolute top priority for the moment.



You’ll love to socialize, even more than normal – and it will be very good for you to meet plenty of new people. Don’t just stick to the same old faces. Go out of your way to start conversations with strangers. You never know who you might meet!



Your charm and your powers of persuasion will work well professionally, so by all means use them to your advantage. Be sure to stick to high ethical standards, however. Don’t allow anything underhand to pass you by.



This week’s New Moon occurs in your love zone, bringing healing and reconciliation to a relationship which has gone through a tough time recently. Within a happy relationship, this vibe is perfect for planning for the future.



Get organized. The New Moon encourages you to clean up, tidy up and streamline your schedule so that you can get much more done. Along with this efficiency drive you’ll want to settle some old debts too. Repay what you owe, in oney or in kind.



It’s all about the love. Venus moves into your love zone and the New Moon is in your passion zone, so you have every reason to smile! Whether you’re in a new relationship or an established one, there are memories to be made here.



You’ll probably feel inspired by the past this week, especially by your family history. It’s a good time to start some research in this area. Knowing your roots will help you to get your own life into fuller perspective.