aries bigARIES

Your family life is the center of your world this week and rightly so. Reach out to distant family members and heal a rift. Make the first move towards forgiveness, acceptance and peace. Seek the positive and you’re sure to find it!



This week is all about teamwork. Put your head together with your lover, friends, colleagues and neighbors and come up with some plans to make life better for everyone concerned. Great minds think alike, after all!




There may be some financial good news on the way, but above and beyond material riches you’ll feel blessed spiritually and emotionally too. Treasure moments spent with loved ones or time spent alone with nature.



Exciting new places or faces turn your head this week and it’s definitely a time for the new and the novel. Joining a new society or club uplifts and inspires you and you may also find that charity or community work appeals.



You’re always quick to nurture and encourage others – this week, it’s your turn. Be kind to yourself and take time out to rest and recharge. You can be your own worst critic at times; instead, why not become your own biggest fan?


virgo VIRGO

Being around others makes you feel good this week so reach out and enjoy the company of others. New friendships are possible; look out especially for people you meet while volunteering or doing something kind. What more excuse do you need?



Take pride in your work this week. Even if you don’t love your job, there’s still satisfaction to be had from doing it well. It’s a good time to look into a job change if you feel that your skills are better served elsewhere.



There’s an emphasis on personal growth just now, so it’s the ideal time to learn a new skill or to develop your self-understanding. Hypnotherapy and other psychological therapies would help to boost your wellness.



Money problems may cause angst within a relationship, or depression within your own mind. Take positive action now to sort out your finances. Seek expert help if necessary. There’s a lot you can do to improve the situation, so start today.



It’s a very sweet week for your loving relationships, so spend plenty of time with your sweetheart, your family and your kids. Don’t forget pets – your connection with animals and nature is particularly strong just now.



Joy and enthusiasm are bubbling up within you for a special project or an exciting new opportunity. You may feel a bit scatter-brained with so much going on, but the good news is that you’ve got this: it’s all coming together at last.



There’s a flirtatious edge to your nature this week – lots of fun if you’re dating or looking for love! Find reasons to smile, love and laugh. It’s an easy-going vibe and you should be able to put stress behind you for a while.