aries bigARIES

Your physical health may well be robust, but emotionally, you could do with a makeover. Take time out during the Full Moon to balance your sensitivities. Retreat to your home, where loved ones will support you and love you for who you are.


Teamwork between you and your partner is highlighted this week. You are very much of one mind on an important subject. The creative Full Moon will help you find interesting ways to work together on this.


Maintain an open mind about work-related opportunities. Something which initially doesn’t appeal to you could turn out to be very beneficial indeed, so close no doors. The Full Moon highlights changes in the family, but welcome ones.


New experiences open your mind to new possibilities this week, and you may find your life philosophy changing and developing. The Full Moon suggest that you go back to school to widen your knowledge – and why not?


If things have been rough financially, help is at hand. The Full Moon highlights financial assistance from somewhere, probably within the extended family, which is given freely and with love. This is your chance to get things under control.

virgo VIRGO

The Virgo Full Moon encourages you to come out of your shell and to expand your social circle. It might be a good idea to get to know some of your partner’s friends better. Share your time and your life with new people.


Something comes to a conclusion around the time of the Full Moon – much to your relief. Rest awhile after your hard work in reaching this point. Don’t overdo it socially, as privacy would be most healing for you now.


What you enjoy doing in your spare time says a great deal about who you are – so why not share your hobbies and passions with your lover and your friends? The Full Moon encourages you to reach out and seek company.


The spotlight is on you during this Full Moon, whether you like it or not, so expect to feel under scrutiny. Fortunately, your friends and family are a huge source of strength and support. Do your best, and know that you are loved no matter what happens.


The Full Moon brings new and interesting people into your orbit, but don’t expect them all to agree with you! Being exposed to new and very different beliefs and cultures is important for your personal growth – you’ll enjoy this challenge.


This week’s Full Moon energies are about settling a debt, be it financial, practical or emotional. Do what you can to re-pay what you owe, with good grace and with interest if appropriate! Don’t allow this debt to accumulate further.


A Full Moon in your love zone is a clear sign that you need to compromise, negotiate and otherwise meet your partner half way over an important issue. Keep talking. There is a win-win solution there somewhere, it just needs to be found.