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aries bigARIES

Intriguing energies are opening you up spiritually this week. Expect some weird but fascinating coincidences, strange signs and shivery feelings. Listen carefully to your dreams and your intuition. Your inner voice has something to say.


Celebrate your social life this week, especially your quirky friends and your own eccentricities. Show your friends how much you care for them, and how much you appreciate their support and their company. Wear your heart on your sleeve.


Watch out for style over substance at work and in your career. It’s a very good time for charming your way to the top, but bear in mind that others may be equally insincere in what they say and do. Play the game, but play it wisely.


Feed your soul with the arts. Creativity runs strong in your veins, so stretch your imagination and follow intriguing signs towards a stronger spiritual understanding. Dance, music, art and sculpture may all have deep meaning for you now.


Be careful not to get romance and money tangled up in your head. Be scrupulous with financial dealings, and avoid any temptation to try to buy love. You’re more easily confused than normal just now, so attention to detail definitely matters.

virgo VIRGO

Romance can be beautiful this week, but be sure to accept your partner for who he or she truly is. Don’t try to change your lover, or to rescue or save them: just enjoy their company, count your blessings and share your vision for your shared future.


Your compassionate heart is on full display this week, so don’t be surprised to find people confiding in you or seeking your advice. Be positive and proactive about keeping your own emotional health intact, however; negativity can be catching.


Your love life takes on an illusory, almost magical air. The line between fantasy and reality is blurred here, but who cares, so long as you’re having fun and you understand the bigger picture. Intoxicating energies are all around.


Difficult family members will melt if you just apply a little flattery and show some interest in them. Enjoy exploring the past with older relatives, and make the effort to include a relatively new in-law who feels left out.


Expressing yourself beautifully through words, music or art should come naturally this week. You’re gifted with the ability to heal through words, so choose them wisely and use them with compassion and thought. Someone will be glad you did.


Simple pleasures are important now, so take time out to appreciate the beauty which is all around you. A strong connection to the natural world will heal and rest you. No matter what the weather or where you live – get outside and soak it up.


With so much activity in your sign, you are feeling strong, energized and refreshed this week. Take the lead in righting a wrong or fighting for a cause. You have so much to teach the world: now is a very good time to start.