aries bigARIES

Conversation is pure joy this week and you’ll love chatting with just about anyone. Get closer to your sweetheart this way too – forget the cares of the day and just set the world to rights together.


If something matters, make sure you have the full facts. You’re not being told everything you need to know, so the onus is on you to do your research. Double check facts and don’t believe everything you read.


It’s much easier to deal with people on a one to one basis this week, rather than en masse. If you lead a team at work, break it down into individuals. In your family life, treat each loved one as a unique person – because they certainly are.


Your holiday preparation is very smooth and efficient this week, and everything at work is under control too. A good balance between work and play helps you focus, so remember how well this has worked and repeat it in future.


This creative, playful vibe is perfect for helping kids get into the holiday spirit. Make your own decorations, or put on a family play. At work, bring humor into everything you do. It’s all so much less onerous when people are smiling.

virgo VIRGO

Family input could be crucial this week in helping you make an important decision. Seek advice from loved ones you trust, and weigh their words carefully. It’s your choice in the end, but several heads are better than one.


There’s so much mental energy around you this week – your mind is on fire! Make lots of lists so that you don’t forget anything important, and save up your most creative ideas to work on when you have more time. Keep thinking!


If you’re shopping for holiday gifts, be smart and savvy about it. You know you can’t buy love, affection or respect, so don’t bother to try. Remember that what loved ones value more than any trinket is simple – your time.


Everyone wants to be by your side this week, and your charm is off the scale! Getting people to co-operate with you should be a breeze, and it’s a fabulous time for making new friends too. If you’re single – who knows, keep an open mind!


Private words and intimate moments with your sweetheart are all important this week. You’re shunning the holiday social scene so that you can spend more time together, and that’s not a bad idea. Enjoy this loved up vibe – you deserve it.


Party season is underway and you’re loving it! This is an extremely sociable vibe for you, and you’ll want to meet as many people as possible. If you’re single, look out for someone you bump into at a social event where you least expect to see them.


Career related dreams are starting to fall into place, but just as they do, everyone is winding down for the holidays! Keep working at it; you have a chance now to get ahead while everyone’s looking the other way.