aries bigARIES

Your enthusiasm is catching in a work project or business venture. Because you believe in what you’re doing, it should be easy to inspire others to back or support you, financially or otherwise. Keep on going, you’re on the right track.


New places and unfamiliar territory have a lot to offer this week. If you can travel, so much the better, but at least make an effort to discover somewhere new in your own neighborhood. It will give you a fresh perspective and a new zing.


A mystery from the past may be solved this week, or at least illuminated. Don’t be surprised if someone turns out to be very different to the stories you’ve always believed. Uncover the truth for yourself, don’t rely on hearsay.


It’s a wonderfully sociable week, especially for couples’ dates or for a group of single friends. If you are looking for love, don’t overlook someone who is already in your inner circle. Open your eyes to a nearby admirer.


Feeling more appreciated at work helps to relieve some of the stress you’ve been under recently. It’s amazing how motivating a few words of thanks can be. Pass this on to those you’re responsible for too. Let people know when they’re doing well.

virgo VIRGO

Adventure beckons this week; it’s the ideal time to try a new sport or to plan an exotic trip. Creatively you’re on fire too, so brush up on your art and craft skills and get your hands dirty with a new project. See, grown-ups can play too!


Expect an improvement in family relationships as people start to forgive, if not forget. Emotions may run high in love, but there’s a positive outcome in store which helps you and your lover feel closer than ever before.


Communication is key to a loving relationship this week. The more you talk, the more you’ll understand one another, and the more you understand, the more you’ll love. Keep sharing your dreams and your hopes.


Get to grips with untidiness this week by sorting out your desk and your clutter. Your time management will improve once there is less randomness around you. Streamline your environment to help streamline your thoughts.


Art and creativity are important outlets for your mental health. Even if you think you’re not very talented, have a go at something creative. The end results don’t really matter – the fun you’ll have is what will benefit you the most.


This is a wonderful week for healing past hurts, especially within the family. Have a heart to heart with someone who has let you down. With a new perspective, you will find it easier to move forwards more positively.


You’re inspired towards some kind of community action by this week’s energies. If you have an idea for making things better, find other like-minded souls and get to work. Through teamwork, you’ll achieve what you couldn’t achieve alone.