A Deeper Look At Astro-Numerology

Astro-Numerology is exactly what the name implies; the application of arithmantic calculations to astrological symbols and cycles. Of the many techniques that exist, those that have proven themselves can be excellent tools for divinatory studies, and often provide excellent keys for the understanding of any numerological chart.

Most of the methods of Astro-Numerology have been developed on the Indian subcontinent, but are likely to have had their origin in Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek methods developed in Alexandria during the Hellenistic Era. We will only explore a couple of them here, because the more advanced systems require an in-depth knowledge of Numerology and Astrology, and use the time and place of birth to create a proper astrological chart before those techniques can be applied.

One of the most fascinating studies is the use of Numbers to represent the planetary forces. The most common scheme is used by arithmancers and astrologers in both the east and the west, with only a slight difference.

This scheme can be read as follows:


    • is associated with the Sun


    • is associated with the Moon,


    • is associated with Jupiter


    • is associated with the Earth, to some degree, and many western authors call it the “negative Sun.” Indian astrologers associate this number with Rahu, or the North Node of the Moon.The North Node is one of the two astronomical positions where the apparent paths of the Sun and Moon cross; Lunations close to this point are eclipses, rather than average New or Full Moons. Western astrologers call this point the Dragon’s Head, and some numerologists associate “Four” with Uranus.



      • is associated with Mercury


      • is associated with Venus


      is the next complicated number; western astrologers associate it with the “negative Moon” and sometimes Neptune, while Vedic numerologists associate it with Ketu, the south node of the Moon (the Dragon’s Tail) – the other eclipse point.

    It should be mentioned that these points are always opposite one another in the zodiac, which is why eclipses come approximately 6 months apart from one another. They are called “shadow planets” in India, because they have no physical bodies, but their effect can block out the Sun or the Moon, the brightest objects in the sky.


      • is associated with Saturn


      • is associated with Mars. Some associate 9 with Uranus as well, while others associate 9 with the planets as a whole.

    “Eleven” and “Twenty-Two” 

      are sometimes associated with Pluto and Uranus, respectively.

    This tabulation requires a little explanation. When we speak of the “negative Sun” we speak of the negative characteristics of the astrological Sun, such as egotism and stubbornness. The “negative Moon” has to do with instability, fantasies and superstition. At the same time, many of the positive aspects of the “Seven” are just like the positive aspects of Neptune, or Ketu, while the positive aspects of “Four” are more like the strengths of the Dragon’s head.

    The Vedic scheme is, in my opinion, far more sensible and accurate. In Sanskrit, the common term for the planets is the “Navagrahas”, which means “Nine Planets” – the 5 visible planets, the Sun and Moon, and the two shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu. Tibetans use the same scheme, but start the enumeration with 0 – it can be confusing to a novice.

    This scheme should not be used verbatim; for instance, if your Life Path is 3, it doesn’t mean that Jupiter and you have the same benefits or problems from its position in the sky. Astro-Numerology is not just about replacing planets with numbers.

    Some associate the zodiac signs with the numbers by way of the order in which they naturally fall; Aries = 1, Taurus = 2, all the way around the heavens. I have found that the Zodiacal scheme works much better when the Signs are associated with the planets whose houses they are, as follows:

    Leo = 1, 4
    Cancer = 2, 7
    Virgo = 5 = Gemini
    Libra = 6 = Taurus
    Scorpio = 9 = Aries
    Sagittarius = 3 = Pisces
    Capricorn = 8 = Aquarius

    This scheme is used by advanced practitioners for various purposes, such as questions requiring immediate answers. But this is only the tip of the iceberg where Astro-Numerology is concerned. There is a method of studying different years of life by way of the Astrological Cycle.

    This cycle counts the years as they move through the houses of the horoscope, and is the only cycle in Numerology that uses a cycle of 12, rather than 9. It also moves through the houses in the reverse order of their rising. Everyone begins their life with cycle 1, and then moves to 12, 11, 10, and so on, with 2 being the last “house” in the cycle. These cycles begin on the birthdate, such that house 1 lasts from the moment of birth until the first birthday, and house 2 runs from the 11th to the 12th birthday, and then repeats, starting with house 1 again on the 12th birthday, and house 12 on the 13th.  (Read twice, if needed, to fully grasp) :)

    What the houses bring during the year that they are active:

    1 – Assets, appearance and influence
    12 – Secrets, confinement, subconscious components come forth
    11 – Helpful people, material growth, opportunities
    10 – Career, status and reputation
    9 – Travel, academic matters, legal dealings, spiritual growth
    8 – Joint financial matters, unexpected income
    7 – Marriage, relationships of all types, important negotiations
    6 – Health and wellness, pets, labors
    5 – Love affairs, enjoyment, children
    4 – Real estate, endings, domestic issues
    3 – Busyness, communication, siblings
    2 – Financial matters, income, resources
    When these houses are studied, they are usually coordinated with the personal year for clarity. For instance, opportunities for advancement abound when someone enters a 1 or 5 personal year during the 11th house cycle; health is often a concern when encountering a 7 personal year during a 12th house cycle.

    There are other aspects to this annual astrological method; there are monthly cycles based on the signs of the Zodiac, and daily “rays” extrapolated from the planets that rule the day. Using this method is a little complex, because certain numbers are extracted from your personal Numerology chart which guides this insightful analysis.

    The method known as “Life Path Cycles” is really an Astro-Numerology technique. These cycles begin close to the time of the progressed Moon cycle and the Saturn Return, but keeping in tune with the cycle of 9 numbers, they begin with the personal year “1” closest to the astrological event, not on the event itself.The Hindus apply certain arithmantic methods to astrological charts in which the planets are placed in astrological diagrams called “chakras.” The most famous ones are the “Vargas”, which are harmonic charts based on the birth horoscopes, but there are others that place the planets in virtual positions according to a particular order dictated by the nature of the situation under analysis.

    There are also Astro-Numerological methods that answer questions, or are designed to provide help for certain problems. Some are simple, and some are complex, but they all require specific knowledge, and good practitioners are few and far between. Some take these astrological correspondences literally and prescribe remedies, such as Mantras and Gemstones, according to the numerological chart alone, while these remedies are actually designed to work with astrological factors. Even when working this way in astrology, there are many subtleties and pitfalls that can cause mistakes to be made.

    I have seen problems arise from following ill-considered advice from books or inexperienced practitioners, and have had to work with people to undo remedies that were having unwanted side effects. For instance, a person with few 3’s in their chart might think that “strengthening Jupiter” might work well for them, without knowing how Jupiter is situated in their chart, and end up getting in trouble. This is not a do-it-yourself aspect of the craft. If you are trying to remedy a situation in your life, consult with a qualified expert.

    As time goes on, we will show you how to use the reliable and practical methods of Astro-Numerology here on Numerologist.com – so stay tuned and please leave your questions below so that you can learn more about this fascinating aspect of the art of Numerology.

    Till next week,