mercury moves into cancerPinToday thoughtful Mercury moves into domestic Cancer where it will stay until July 23, favoring family togetherness and domestic life!

Family Time

This makes it the perfect  opportunity to discuss the good old days with relatives and re-connect with loved ones. If you’re far from kin, arrange a trip to see near and dear people. Don’t wait for a sad occasion as an excuse to get together.

And if you’ve been putting off that scrap book project, this would be a great time to finally assemble a family photo album. Just pick up some glitter, glue, and print out your favorite pics! Children may especially enjoy this activity, so be sure to include them.

It’s also possible that you’ll develop more of an interest in learning about cooking, sewing, and other domestic matters, or want to read up on improving parenting skills. You could also long to learn more about history, especially your family ancestors, and may want to work on a family tree.

Full Speed Ahead

In addition, a trine between determined Mars and visionary Neptune makes it a good time to pursue a cherished dream. Acts of courage can pay off handsomely under this influence, especially for people born under the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Looking ahead, the resistant Taurus Moon will make hard angles to Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. You may find this time particularly frustrating as it may be impossible to fix a faulty system or make improvements to a flawed organization. This may come up in your career or a project you’re working on.

mind vs heartPinHeart Over Head

Under the influence of Mercury in Cancer, and depending on how it interacts with planets in your birth chart, you may find yourself thinking with your feelings. Logic and analysis take a backseat to your emotions, and you may make decisions based on gut instincts, just because something feels right to you in the moment.

If someone wants to convince you, they’ll have to appeal to your emotions, especially to your need to feel safe and secure. You may have a tendency to hold back your thoughts instead of communicating more directly. You might even expect that the people close to you psychically intuit what you’re thinking and feeling, with the result being major miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Don’t sit and stew in your emotional swirl — just say it!

On a more positive note, you’ll be able to think resourcefully during this transit, and can have an excellent mind for business. It’s a good time to plan for future security, and come up with ideas for strengthening your financial foundation.