sun in virgo 2015PinThe Sun moves into Virgo on August 23 where it will stay until September 23.

A Growth Spurt For Virgos

While the Sun is in Virgo, and depending on how this transit affects your birth chart, you could find yourself working hard to improve yourself and serve others. You might become more critical, and possibly judgmental, as you notice all the things that could be better, both in your own life and in the world. You have a strong desire to make a positive difference, and are willing to dig in and get busy to make it happen.

Go Easy On Yourself

Watch out for being too hard on yourself, or on your loved ones. The desire for perfection can be a great motivator, but if your standards are too high, you could be prone to disappointment and disillusion. You might become aware that you need to improve your skills to accomplish your goals. Don’t be too proud to ask for the help you need to polish and perfect your talents. This can be a great period for finding a mentor and undergoing some kind of apprenticeship.

Let’s Get Physical

Health and self-care come into focus, and you might pay more attention to your daily routines and habits. What’s not working about your schedule will become apparent, and you’ll have more motivation than usual to make positive changes that increase your overall well-being. Your system — especially digestion — could be extra-sensitive, and a simple, wholesome diet will probably serve you best.

To counter the tendency to be hyper-critical, make a point of appreciating the little things in life, and “find God” in the details of your daily existence. Washing the dishes can be an irksome chore or a mind-expanding meditation, depending on your attitude.