Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

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Step back, relax, and review things as Mercury backspins in the next weeks. Although this comic shift may cause some confusion, it is a necessary occurrence. The break that Mercury offers gives everyone the chance to slow down, rewind the tape, and be more cautious, so when Mercury spins direct, everyone is stocked up with energy, power, and insight to make seamless manifestations. 

This Mercury retrograde enters deeply analytical and investigative Scorpio, so expect earthshaking truths to emerge. It is a good time to delve into self-inquiry and heal the inner landscape. Any wounds relating to trauma, abandonment, and powerlessness should be addressed and receive a soothing balm.

Allowing yourself to undergo this transformative process will arm you with insight, control, and empathy to be on top of your game!

Mercury will be opposing Uranus in Taurus. The effects of this comic vibration are flashes of insight and intuition for everyone.

This season’s Mercury Retrograde can offer a lot of good so keep focused on the prize. Keep your cool and optimism, since this week might leave you feeling a little down or low on energy. The Sun moving into Libra will further throw squares and oppositions in the cosmic alignment so expect further feelings of self-doubt and your self-esteem to spiral down. Rather than deny or bury these feelings, keep it real and authentic and apply the necessary changes in your life so you will be truly worthy.

There is a sweet spot in matters of the heart with the new moon’s blossoming in Libra. It will send off much-needed gentle frequencies, especially for people seeking to start a new relationship. It may be the perfect time to move forwards. But, the tricky Venus and Neptune opposition may introduce romance your way where things could just be smoke and mirrors, so watch out! It is crucial to respect yours and other people’s boundaries.

Use this time to be in rhythm with Mercury’s retrograde. Things may be a little confusing, but if you apply good and functional words that start with an RE in your life, you will be planting good seeds that can be reaped at a future time.