This is a big week in astrology. Like, a massive week. The biggest week in the heavens in a long while! Now that you’re on the edge of your seat, learn just why this has the potential to be the most dramatic week of 2020! Saturn, the planet of karma and Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis, come together in the powerful “Great Conjunction,” which has been building for over a year and reaches a climax this very week.

If you have a WW2 bunker, now would be a good time to use it. Joking – but also, not joking. This Saturn-Pluto conjunction will provide a mass release over the next few months in some important area of your life (see your zodiac sign below for all the juicy details) and the current power dynamics will be turned upside down! The Sun, indicator of identity, and Mercury, the communication planet, also join in this showdown of all showdowns, and the trick here is to empower yourself without burning down every single bridge; to step into your maturity and adult so hard that even you applaud yourself. With a merciful move of Venus into Pisces, there’s an opening for forgiveness, unconditional kindness and all that self-love jazz you’ve been working so hard on. Hold on tight, honey. You’ve got this.

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Saturn conjunct Pluto happens in your career zone, Aries, so events at work that have been building for the last year or so will hit a final climax.




Venus, your ruler, is shifting from freewheeling Aquarius into the sign of her exaltation, gentle Pisces. This feels delicious, Taurus, as your heart opens to the love around you.




As your ruler Mercury is joined by stern Saturn and intense Pluto, your challenge, Gemini, is to see the light side of life; you’ve been taking things too seriously.




As Saturn conjuncts Pluto, Cancer, perhaps you’ll have to change something about the way you do relationships, or maybe your beloved is the one who needs to change.




A health crisis may rear its ugly head during this Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Leo, and it’s up to you to step up to take control and release bad habits.




Even the most playful, flirty and nonchalant relationship takes a serious turn this week, Virgo, and it could be time to have “the talk,” whatever that means for you.




Your planetary ruler, Venus shifts from airy Aquarius into sensitive Pisces, Libra, reflecting a quieter, more heartfelt time with your sweetheart for the next month or so.




A tough lesson right now, sweet Scorpio, is to let go. Holding on right now really is going to cause you suffering. Intense self-transformation beckons.




It’s time to take a stand for what you believe in, Sagittarius – mostly what you believe about yourself and what morals you’re going to choose to live by.




This is a tipping point when the final shifts take place, Capricorn. You’re the one in the driver’s seat. You get to take control and decide your final destination.




Your inner world may be rocked hard, Aquarius, as your ruler, Saturn conjuncts powerful Pluto, wreaking unstoppable and permanent change. It may be that you face an unavoidable ending.




The Saturn-Pluto conjunction may reflect a need for you to shift or let go of friendships, Pisces. Forgive, move on, and know that some things have to be outgrown.