Happy Birthday, Aries… it’s your season and it’s your time to shine!

From March 20 – April 20 each year, the Sun sails into cardinal fire sign Aries and the child of the Zodiac takes the stage. Your birthday month has good things in store for you, Aries, and if you’re not already attached, there may be even a little love on the horizon…?


In case cupid’s arrow hits, here’s what you (and your unsuspecting victims) should be looking out for – 5 sure-fire ways to tell if Aries has a crush.

1. Love At Lighting Speed

The truth is, Aries if you are crushing on someone, the signs are pretty obvious. Like putting a big, confident smile on your face, locking eye contact and telling it like it is – it’s the only way to be SURE the guy or girl you’re into knows how you’re feeling.


It’s not so much the little things with this sign (fluttering eyelashes, shy looks, and a cute laugh aren’t the Aries style) as a straight-out declaration of intent. Because once your cards are on the table and that “friend” knows full well your position, why delay?

This sign’s impulsive touch when it comes to relationships means you like love to move at speed! Hey, if there’s a girl or guy you’re attracted to, why stay just “friends” when there could be so much more?!

2. “Watch me, watch me, watch me!”

There’s no hiding it – Aries likes to get physical. All that chi running through your veins needs to go somewhere, and when that special somebody’s caught your eye, you’ll do everything you can to impress!


At it’s most extreme, the crush-struck Aries’ body language starts to resemble a male peacock, and you’ll be found strutting around with your chest puffed out and plumage on show (guys and girls born under this sign will each have their own special ways of making sure they’re seen from their best angles!)

Almost always, the Aries dance of courtship will involve finding some way of showing off, especially if it involves an element of risk. Maybe you’ll invite your love interest to take part or even, ahem, watch you taking part in some extreme sports? Or maybe you’ll attempt to show them your parkour moves as you walk home from a night out?

The thing about Aries is, that it’s no good just having a conversation about how wonderful you are. Talking only gets you so far (and that’s Gemini’s domain!) You always need to demonstrate in real time, to a captive audience, your amazingness.

3. Let’s Get Competitive!

It’s in your bones, Aries – the unquenchable need to be the winner.

So if there’s someone around and you want to be more than “just good friends”, it’s likely that competitive spirit will amp up a notch or two.


You’ll be talking yourself into all kinds of trists, challenging friends and acquaintances (or maybe complete strangers?) to duels, just to give yourself an opportunity to come out on top, therefore appearing bigger and stronger and more impressive.

And there’s always a good chance you’ll pit yourself against your love-interest (a great excuse to lean in that smile in a little closer…)

There’s no telling an Aries to stand down, so you better hope the girl or guy at the center of your crush is game, or…

4. Things Could Get Annoying…

Whilst it would be SO much easier (and probably a ton more effective) to simply drop a few well-placed compliments into the conversation, Aries, you’re far more likely to poke a little fun at your crush instead. Seeking out your love interest’s pain points can feel a bit like sport, and you love to play!


But it’s more than that.

A little light teasing is this zodiac sign’s choice method of flirting – it’s how you seduce and actually show affection. (And yes, it can get a little relentless if you’re the victim of an Aries who wants to more than just friends but trust me, it’s a compliment!)

Plus it’ll sort out the wheat from the chaff – anyone who’s feelings are a little too sensitive to cope with this sign’s fiery idea of fun will fall at the first hurdle and you, Aries, will move on in a flash…

5. Genuine Gentleness

Pay close attention, Aries, if you catch yourself being genuinely sentimental around someone you kinda like.

Whilst this sign is usually passion-fueled and as far from soppy and tender as it’s possible to get, if you do start behaving a little, hmm, uncharacteristically, then this is one of the undeniable signs that a crush has hit.


So if you get a little nervous (yep, I know “Aries” and “nervous” don’t often end up in the same sentence together) then it’s a tell-tale sign you’ve received Cupid’s touch.

Any of this sound familiar?

You don’t have to have an Aries Sun to recognize these signs of love. If your horoscope contains an Aries Moon or Aries rising and these are hitting a chord, let us know! Or, if you’ve fallen victim to an Aries guy or girl and their powers of persuasion, share in the comments below!

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