April 29th’s New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus

By April 24, 2014Astrology

What You Can Expect For The Week Ahead

We still have one week left in April, though it may feel like you’ve already experienced a whole lifetime this month. April has some pretty intense astrology, and it’s not nearly over yet. You’re in for an action packed week ahead. In fact, we have a big event coming our way on April 29th, the new moon solar eclipse in Taurus.


Eclipses Conjure Up Transformation

Eclipses bring to the surface elements of your unconscious to be healed by the light of your awareness. If there are any parts of yourself that you have pushed aside – any emotions left unprocessed, or circumstances you would rather sweep under the rug, now is the time to deal with them. You might not feel ready, but the Universe has its own timing.

Eclipses always come in pairs and occur two weeks apart every 5 1/2 months. We just experienced a full moon lunar eclipse on April 15th in the relationship harmony-seeking sign of Libra. Since then you might be feeling overwhelmed, and that you need to let go of people or circumstances in your life to create more balance. Or perhaps you feel the need to socialize more and work less.

Our solar eclipse coming up will be a culmination of the intense energy that was initiated on April 15th’s full moon. Solar eclipses always occur on new moons and usually bring positive changes, often those that are long lasting.

New Moons Are A Time of New Beginnings

New moons plant seeds for your future that will grow as the moon’s light waxes.

The sign that the moon is in influences the energy of your intentions. This new moon is in the sign of Taurus. The earthy sign of Taurus teaches you to slow down and enjoy life’s sensual pleasures. If you are always on the go headed toward your destination yet not enjoying the journey, Taurus reminds you to stop and smell the roses!

Solar eclipses intensify the need for you to make dramatic changes in your life. Since Taurus also teaches you how to value yourself and remember your worth, this is a potent time for you to truly commit to only bringing people into your life who reflect how wonderful you really are.

This Is Not A Time To Sacrifice Your Own Well-Being Just To Please Other People

If you feel you aren’t being treated with respect or that you are spending your time doing something that you don’t enjoy, it’s time to let those people or circumstance go.

It might be frightening making choices that have been different than anything you’ve known so far, but they will be well worth the risk. When you say YES to people and circumstances that light up your soul, and NO to what doesn’t, you’ll see your life will become infinitely more amazing.

So please remember that you deserve nothing but beauty and love. Take bold and confident steps now to create a life a joy. During this powerful eclipse season, may your path be illuminated from within, and your inner light shine brighter than the sun!

How has April’s instense energy appeared in your life? What tough decision have you made? I’d love to hear from you! Share your comments and questions below.

Lots of love,

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