Today is the most potent day of the month and most likely the whole year.

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Yes, we’re in it now! That beautiful symmetry in the sky is now at its apex.

The four planets in the now infamous Cardinal Grand Cross are all at a dynamic 13 degrees and this means business.

13 is a karmic lesson number which forces you to let go of old patterns in your behavior, thoughts, and life that are no longer serving you.

Remember, the Cardinal Grand Cross occurs between two Libra/Aries eclipses which forces you to deal with your shadow. That includes your fear of your own greatness, people leaving you if you express who you really are in the world, and all those parts of yourself you’re afraid other people will see.

4.23.14. is a 16/7 Universal Day which is also a karmic lesson number 16/7 is a taskmaster of the soul. If you are making decisions based on your ego, you’ll meet resistance at every turn, and no matter how much you force your intentions, the Universe will win that game.

However, if you’re truly listening to what you were born to do, honoring your heart’s desire, and expressing your divinity through being true to yourself and not sacrificing your personal power – the sky is the limit. You’ll find yourself in positive partnerships of cooperation and support.

Perhaps your life won’t change dramatically today. It might feel like every other day, just with a lot of energy beneath the surface. Or perhaps this day will bring you miracles beyond your wildest imagination. One thing is certain, changes are happening to you on the inside and your world, in time, will never be the same again. And because of that, neither will ours.

Have a beautiful day! And remember you are good enough RIGHT NOW!

Kari Samuels