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Mark your Calendar…

The next New Moons in Virgo occur at:

  • August 30, 2019, at 6º
  • September 17, 2020, at 25º

The New Moon in Virgo is an invitation to purify your life and then begin again.

Ritual makes this real.

Virgo’s energy is methodical, systematic and grounded. It’s a sign which belongs in the Earth and aligns with the messy, gnarly, tangled, tangible parts of what it means to be a real human in a real body, dealing with the practicalities of life.

As a mutable sign, it’s inherently flexible, gliding through the flux that accompanies transformation. Like Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini, Virgo ushers in the change of seasons; it knows how to deal with transition and uncertainty. Often, those with a lot of Virgo energy in their charts will appear to love order and systems but in fact, chaos is where they thrive. This is because chaos provides the seedbed for the transformational energy that they SO love to impart!

Virgo also rules the abdomen, intestines, bowels and digestive system – the body’s own mechanism for sorting, reducing and releasing the food we ingest, so that the most energy and the least obstruction remains.

Overall, Virgo has an incredibly practical energy. It is analytical but very progressive, which means it holds a momentum which can be profoundly revitalizing. If you can grab a hold of it and apply it to your life, powerful changes will follow!

New Moon in Virgo: Focus on your Temple (Your Body, Health, and Home)

Because of the earthy, proficient and also very beautifying energy that Virgo brings, the New Moon in Virgo is one of the most powerful to work with, to bring in real change and tangible improvements to your life.

Moon Magic & Elemental Energy

A lot of more modern and mainstream ‘Moon Magic’ centers around manifestation and bringing into being what you desire. When the Moon is in an earth sign, either Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn; actual, tangible, material changes are made much more possible than when the Moon is in other signs. Earth signs are all about what can be sensed using the body: what you can touch, taste, smell, hear and see, which is why people will often use the potency of New Moons in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn to create more materiality around them. They are signs of resource and abundance.

Which is all well and good, but what about focusing on what you already have?

Virgo: Cleanse, Purify and Reinvigorate as a Sacred Art

Virgo energy is amazing at doing just that: focusing on what already exists in your world, and making that work better for you! One of the chief ways in which Virgo energy moves through life is by clearing space, analyzing details and creating systems.

But whilst most people would see this kind of activity as work, chore, and domestic drudgery, to Virgo, these are sacred arts. Your body, work, and home are temple spaces and streamlining the way that energy can flow through them with more vitality and grace is a divine mission.

The New Moon in Virgo invites YOU into the game.

A New (Dark) Moon Ritual of Purification and Release

This is a very simple ritual to help you to start the motions of clearing out and letting go of what is no longer serving you.

Whilst most New Moon rituals are all setting intentions to grow, the three days before the New Moon (known as the Dark Moon) offers a very potent opportunity for purification.

Gather up all that you need first (as listed below) and perform the ritual on the day or night just before the New Moon. If that’s tricky for you, then you can perform it up to three days before. Try to avoid doing this ritual just after the New Moon, or in the two weeks when the Moon is waxing because you want to take advantage of her dark energy at this time.


  • A candle and something to light it with
  • Incense or smudge
  • A large flower with a good number of petals. (daisies, asters, sunflowers, and roses would all work)
  • A small patch of earth and a trowel (or something to dig a small hole with)


  • Sit on the ground outside, somewhere you can be comfortable, and light the candle and the incense or smudge to create a sacred space in which to work.
  • Call in the directions and the elements (if you want to) and any other Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings who also wish to join you.
  • Take a few deep breaths and feel the earth pushing up from beneath you, supporting and holding you.
  • Take the flower in your hands, and begin to gently pull the petals loose, one at a time, dropping them into the bowl.
  • As you do this, say out loud:

“I release all of the things in my life which re holding me back.

I release the objects, people, places, habits, patterns, programs which no longer serve me, in my highest good.

I give heartfelt thanks to each and every one, for holding me and protecting me when I needed it. But I no longer do, so in this moment, I let it all go.”

**If you have specific things you want to release, state them out loud! This will give your intention more power. But, it’s not necessary, because we all have things holding us back that we’re unaware of, so keeping your statement open in this way will allow those things to be energetically loosened and released too.

  • As you drop each petal into the bowl, feel yourself lighten as a weight is released and your field is being purified.
  • When your flower has been stripped of all its petals, take the bowl you collected them in over to your patch of earth.
  • Dig a small hole, pour in the petals and cover them back over. Just as they will be taken in, absorbed, composted and transmuted into the fertile earth once more, so will all of the things you have released.
  • Keep the remaining flower head with you for the cycle and place it on your altar if you have one. If it contains seeds, keep these either for planting, or other rituals you may perform in the coming year.
  • Remember to blow out the candle, give thanks to the power and Spirit of the New Moon, to the elements, to any Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings you invited in, before releasing them.


Working with the mutable energy of Virgo doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for magic to happen! It’s important to commit practically to the releases you have already committed to energetically: Clear away excess objects from your home, go through your inbox or your social media account (or any other digital storage systems you have); schedule and plan frank conversations and delegate the jobs you cannot do… begin to make tangible changes to allow the magic of your New Moon ritual to flow through your life!

When you’ve tried this ritual, I’d love for you to comment below.

Share with the Numerologist community how your life is changing and how the purifying energy of Virgo has been moving through your life.

New Moon blessings to you.

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