That’s right… it’s not all computer crashes and travel delays when Mercury stations retrograde. Mercury has a few other… surprises… in store for us during its retrograde period.

Marking off the last Mercury retrograde of 2021, the “messenger of the Gods” is now retrograde in Libra, and there it will remain until stationing direct once again on October 18th.

Now I know that people have come to fear the implication of Mercury retrograde, but when you look more deeply into the meaning of this transit, a few things become evident… For one thing, Mercury Rx falsely gets a bad rap – let’s just admit that right now. Because the truth is, that it’s retrograde isn’t necessarily a “bad thing”… it is different, that’s for sure, but not “bad” or “negative”. Think of it this way: when a planet stations retrograde, its energetic focus is directed inward. As opposed to being directed outward when it’s stationed direct.

So with that said, it makes a lot of sense that when a planet that rules over communication, travel, and tech switches its focus from outward, to inward, that we experience a blimp in our day-to-day happenings. But Mercury also rules over our mind and thought-processes… which means this is an ideal time for self-reflection, emotional reasoning, and inner work. 

That’s right, just when you think that you finally got your life together… Mercury retrograde comes along to make you question everything you thought you knew about yourself.


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Here are 5 things to explore about yourself during Mercury retrograde.

#1. What fears are holding me back?

Are you a self-sabotager? Someone who doesn’t try new things in fear of failing or “being bad” at it, someone who doesn’t compliment a stranger in fear of being blown off, someone who doesn’t express the way they feel in fear of rejection… you get the point here. What aren’t you doing, and how can you push past that fear?

#2. Am I being authentic in my relationships? (think all relationships here, not just romantic)

Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable, raw, and exposed in your relationships? Or do you have a castle, wall, and moat built around your heart? Until you lay down that armor, you’ll find that your relationships won’t be as strong as you desire them to do. I know it’s scary, but there’s nothing more rewarding than being seen, and accepted, for every beautiful, broken, and glorious piece of you.

#3. Am I being authentic with myself?

With Mercury stationed in the famously unique and individualist sign of Aquarius, there’s no better time than right now to examine the “face” to put out into the world. It is a mask, designed to fit-in and appease the world around you? Or are you being true to yourself and who you truly are?

#4. What are my true desires, and what’s just smoke and mirrors?

This one is tough, but it’s important that you don’t dance around it. You’re going to have to ask yourself some difficult questions… things like: are you chasing that promotion at work because of the emotional and spiritual happiness it’ll bring into your life? Or are you chasing it for the new car and the “status symbol” it will give you? Remember, there’s nothing wrong with desiring more money and fancy things… but the true essence of our happiness lies in the love we share and the experiences we hold. Make sure your “desires” and goals align with the things you’re truly after in life.

#5. What drags me down and what lifts me up?

Examine the things, experiences, and people in your everyday life. What brings you down and what lifts you up? Now is the time to be honest with yourself so you can eliminate the negativity and rise into your highest, truest, and happiest self.

Want to make sure Mercury Retrograde doesn’t get the best of you this time? Get your Mercury Retrograde Survival Journal here.

So… are you ready to dig deep? Comment YES below if you’re going to take on this Mercury retrograde head on!