2018 is off to an explosive start, and it’s about to get even better…

On January 31st, we will witness an incredibly rare Super Blue Blood Moon, the first one in over 150 years! What makes this Full Moon so notable is the concurrence of three major celestial events….


A Supermoon occurs when the Full Moon is at perigee, the point on its orbit when it’s closest to Earth. Full Moons mark a time of ripening, release, healing, celebration, community and culmination. This is why many ancients tribes had harvest and fertility rituals during the Full Moon phase. Just as it tugs on the tides, the Moon rules your still inner waters. As it wanes, it calls upon you to release any negative emotions, fears or energies not serving your highest self to make room for new growth and opportunities. This includes the negative attitudes, views and opinions of others, as well as the emotional heaviness we’re feeling around the world. With this Supermoon happening as close as possible to Earth, it will pull even more powerfully on your inner self, making you more emotionally aware and activating your psychic senses.

Blue Moon

What makes this Supermoon even more rare is its occurence in January, making it the SECOND Supermoon of the month, and therefore a Blue Moon. This double-dose of super lunar energy that only happens, well, once in a “Blue Moon”, further reinforces the powerful message of release. Expect plenty of your subconscious beliefs, emotions, and fears to come to the surface at once. Anything that has been bubbling beneath your conscious will reveal itself on its way up and out, and may rifle up some drama in the process. This powerful cosmic event can spark massive transformation as your inner truths lift out of the shadows and into the light.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Last but not least, the January 31 Blue Supermoon coincides with a simultaneous Total Lunar Eclipse, making it what NASA has dubbed as a Super Blue Blood Moon. Starting at approximately 2:45 AM PST / 5:45 AM EST, the Earth will pass directly between the Sun and the Supermoon, casting a shadow over the large-than-normal lunation. The eclipse will reach totality at 5:29 AM PST / 8:29 AM EST, giving the Moon an eerie red appearance. The last time a Blue Moon coincided with a Total Lunar Eclipse in North America was March 31,1866 (that’s over 150 years ago!) and the next one won’t happen until Dec 31, 2047! As agents of change and transformation, Lunar Eclipses always cause quite a stir in the energies around us. They are cosmic wake-up calls to clear out the energetic cobwebs that are hidden within your “shadow self” and keeping you stuck. There it is again, the potent reminder to let go of anything not illuminating your best self as you sail into 2018.

5 Ways To Harness This Rare Lunar Energy & Take Your Life Over The Moon

The ripples of this eclipse are already here stretching forward through time and space, so now is the time to prepare yourself for what it brings. There could be HUGE benefits coming your way, but to receive them you must learn to walk the line between surrendering to change, and finding and honoring your own truth throughout. To shine a little light on this shadowy lunation, here are 5 powerful practices to help you to align closely with the energy of this season and take your life over the Moon this year.

Speak Your Truth.

This incredibly rare lunation will ignite an inner reckoning, the intense desire to speak your truth and claim who you really are, without fear of judgement. You’re going to feel this energy moving through the attitudes and actions of the people around you – your family, friends and community – and through your own life too, as you navigate this pivotal cosmic event. Don’t hold back, be true to you.

Trust Your Uniqueness.

On January 20th, the Sun entered airy Aquarius, beautifully balancing the upcoming lunation in fiery Leo. While the Super Blue Blood Moon pulls powerfully on your emotions, truthful and curious Aquarius reminds you to trust your originality, your mind, your thoughts, your quick wits and all of the potential within you. There is NOBODY in this world quite like you, and the Cosmos will spend all month reminding you that this is your strength.

Don’t Expect To Have All The Answers.

It is OK to ask for more time. It is OK to sit inside a bubble of unknowing for a while. In fact, creating space and NOT pinning yourself down can be exactly what’s needed to allow the truth to surface, when it may otherwise be drowned out by life’s distractions and unnecessary noise. Sit with uncertainty and the right miracles will reveal themselves in due time.

Stop People Pleasing.

Cooperation doesn’t mean short-changing yourself, so ensure any agreements you enter into over this Full Moon/Eclipse season will allow all parties to shine and thrive.  If you need to, avoid making any decisions on the spot, and instead step away and feel into what you most need from a given situation. It may not be what you expect!

Intimately Know Yourself.

This lunation demands that you know yourself. It begs you to become intimately familiar with the uniqueness of you and your gifts to the world, so you can effortlessly release the parts of you that are holding you back and illuminate your ideal path ahead. This knowingness doesn’t come to us automatically and most of those people who are already thriving and aligned with their purpose, are the ones who are willing to do the seeking.

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Start putting these powerful practices to use. The sooner you begin, the more magical this Moon will be. What will you be doing on January 31st? Where will you be witnessing the Super Blue Blood Moon?

More soon…

The Numerologist Team

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