Neptune is about to move retrograde! On June 25, 2021, the watery planet begins his backward dance across the skies in Pisces.

As the eighth planet from the Sun and the fourth largest by size, it’s an astrological transit that you’re likely to feel through the next few months…

Neptune Rules the Subconscious

It is the God of the Sea, and in astrology rules Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac.  It’s a large and mysterious planet without any definite surface layer, which compounds its astrological associations with the subconscious, imagination, dreams, fantasy, psychic receptivity, intuition and music.

Neptune’s Generational Effect: Slow Moving Power

Because it’s one of the outer planets, the effects of Neptune are generational: great waves of its influence move through whole sections of the global population and are shared by many. And once a year, Neptune goes retrograde for around five months which means that around 40% of people have this planet retrograde in their natal charts.  So it’s no great shakes when this planet retrogrades – unlike Mercury, which seems to send everyone into a spin when it turns on its heels twice a year!

Neptune’s retrograde is often more gentle, subtler and harder to grip hold of in ways that can be seen and touched – it won’t wipe your hard drive or delete your ticket confirmations!  But it may just agitate you out of that long-term relationship you’ve been sitting on the fence of, or test your intuition til it starts to hurt.

So don’t disregard it.

Because it’s NO less powerful than an inner planetary retrograde when it comes to instigating changes in your life, particularly when it comes to up-levelling your spiritual self-development and psychic awareness. Which is significant, because this is where so much collective evolution is occurring at the moment, rooted in the personal work that people like you are doing.

But before you read on about this Neptune Retrograde (and how it will affect you and the collective), it’s important for you to understand that your personal chart deeply affects how you’ll experience each astro-event that comes your way.

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When is Neptune Retrograde in 2021?

In 2021, Neptune moves retrograde in Pisces (where it’s been since 2012) from June 25th – Dec 1.

You may not feel it.

It depends very much on where Neptune sits in your personal chart, whether you have any planets at 15º – 18º of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) and how conscious and sensitive you are to cosmic alignments (I find that simple awareness can significantly amplify the effects of a transit).

Tools to Help you Navigate Neptune Retrograde

To help you navigate Neptune in retrograde over the next five months, here are five things to keep in mind. When you’re faced with a challenge or any particularly Neptunian situations during this time, refer back to these tools to see you through! They will ensure you get the most you possibly can from this transit and emerge in time for Christmas with more clarity, truth and alignment!

1. Take note of your frustration, boredom and jealousy

Emotions of these kinds are strong signs that you are NOT honoring your inner calling.  Perhaps you don’t know what yours truly is? Well, if you’re frustrated doing what you’re currently doing, it’s a sure sign you haven’t found it yet! So do something else … anything else. But while you’re here, make use of this deep diving Neptunian retrograde to dream up something new for yourself.  Ensure you root your dreams and visions for yourself inside your heart – try not to be motivated by what those around you seem to be achieving.  Their path is different from yours.

2. Spring Clean your Belief Systems

  • What do you believe?
  • Who is your God?
  • Are you connected to the Divine?
  • Do you feel part of something bigger?
  • Do you live in communion with the Spirit world? Do you want to?
  • Are your relationships with the Divine reciprocal?
  • Do you live in service?

These kinds of questions, which require much internal seeking, are the ones to be asking yourself during Neptune’s retrograde. Ordinarily, it’s a planet concerned with the subconscious, so when appearing to spin backwards, this energetic push is internalized.  In other words: Our dive gets even deeper. Use this time to get clear on the spiritual framework you live your life by.

Clear out the assumptions and the unconscious patterns.

Brush away the dross.

Become your truth.


3. Notice your attempts to escape from the present

When do you plug into social media?  When do you turn to Netflix? When do you raid the biscuit tin?

Neptune in retrograde will bring to the surface the situations that, on a deep, subconscious level, make you uncomfortable.  You may not even know what these are being so deeply buried, but you will notice what they trigger you into doing. So take note of all of the times and means you’re using to escape from the present and from the emotions that are stirring in you. This is the beginning of unravelling what they really mean, and how to move forward with them.

4. Don’t confuse fantasy and fact

As Neptune appears to move backwards on its trajectory, the dreams, imaginings, hopes, fears and possibilities that it fuels may become harder to discern, from the waking life you see around you. Be careful not to get confused. Before making your mind up on important things, gather a few perspectives and ask a few opinions.  See if they line up with what YOU think is really going on around you.

This planetary retrograde can often offer up opportunities to clear out confusion, misunderstandings and self-deception but first, they rise up to be seen.  See any mistruths for what they are, however much you may want to believe them.


5. Avoid stimulants and overwhelm

This doesn’t mean staying off the coffee til November!

But if you do normally drink alcohol or indulge in other stimulants and substances, then be aware that your sensitivities to them maybe heightened. So what you think, say and do when under the influence may take you further from your truth, and not do you any favours.

Likewise, people and situations which feel overwhelming on a normal day could feel like too much to handle, so be aware of your limits and honour them.

But on the other hand, conscious use of plant medicines and other psychotropic substances or spiritual ceremonies with a reputable facilitator could offer incredible insights during this time, if you practice these kinds of work.

Neptune Invites you to Slow Down!

Remember that Neptune is a slow moving planet, its influence is deep, mysterious and not always straightforward!  So take this opportunity to slow down your pace, turn your gaze inward and connect to the sacred source you find there.  Doing this will never lead you astray.

For extra insight and support, and to connect more deeply with the deep, Piscean energy of this planet, follow this link to read more about how to tap into the elemental power of water.

Are you feeling Neptune’s retrograde energy approach?

Are you ready to tap into a world of imagination and Spirit?

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