It’s unmistakable.

Every 27-28 days, our beautiful Moon opposes the Sun, and she glows full, round and bright in the sky above.

The lunar cycle begins at the New Moon, and from that point, she slowly waxes (grows) in light and power, until reaching her peak around two weeks later. This is the Full Moon.


Full Moons are incredibly potent times in the lunar month. It’s when her energy is on high and is the tipping point, the moment of climax before her light and energy begin to slowly wane (diminish) once more.

If you’re lucky enough to look up on a cloudless night, you’ll see the sky is lit up with an otherworldly glow. There’s magic in the air.

As the peak of the lunar cycle, it’s both a powerful time of manifestation, and holds the potential for intentional release.

But the things you do on the Full Mon needn’t be limited to either a manifesting or a releasing ritual (though both of these are ideal!) Here’s a list of 10 more things to on this powerful of nights….

1. Moon Gaze

Looking directly into the Moon is not the same as looking directly into the Sun. I.e it’s not going to hurt your eyes. On the contrary – Moon gazing is one of the simplest ways to open up to the feminine, magnetic, attractive, and receptive energy of the Moon.

Gazing directly at the Moon for 5 or 10 minutes at a time is a powerful way to access and absorb the lunar light codes that will directly upgrade your experience here on Earth.

2. Forgive Somebody

As the climax, and the release point of the lunar cycle, the Full Moon phase is ideal for forgiveness.
It’s SO simple, yet so difficult for many people to let go of their pain, anger, frustration, and blame.

Remember, forgiveness is ultimately a gift to yourself. So if someone or something has hurt you, and you are still holding onto it, releasing it will set you free. It’s not about the other party.
So set a clear intention for forgiveness and send it up to the Moon.


3. Cleanse your Crystals

There’s no better time!

Grab that crystal collection gathering dust on your shelves and place them all out under the light of the Full Moon. You could also rinse them off in a solution of water and sea salt for extra cleansing (just be sure this is safe for them – selenite, for example, does not mix with water).

Crystals are living beings.

They are conscious.

And they also absorb energy (just like we do!) So they appreciate being cleansed and refreshed, as well as “fed” and charged in the cool night air, under the light of the Full Moon…so give your crystals a Full Moon party! They will love you for it.



4. Make a Lunar Elixir

Simply charging up a jar of fresh water under the light of the Full Moon can create a potent elixir (check out this post about Victoria Beckham’s foray into lunar water). But adding certain herbs, rose petals, and even crystals (choose wisely) will super-charge your lunar elixir.

Don’t forget to infuse it with intentions.

Many herbalists create tinctures and infusions according to the lunar phases. But if you’re simply making a fresh-water elixir, it’s best to drink yours within a week or so.


5. Hold a Ritual Fire

The Full Moon is not complete in my house unless there’s been a fire!

You could simply light a candle. Or you could build the mother of all bonfires!

Big, small, indoors, outdoors, ritual or everyday… it doesn’t matter, so long as it feels good, and serves the purpose you want it to.

The Full Moon phase is akin to midsummer when the Sun is at its highest and strongest. As the central, life-giving fiery force in our solar system, the Sun honored and celebrated every year on June 21st. At the Full Moon phase, our solar king sits opposite the Moon, reflecting the full force of his light onto her open, receptive face. Making it an ideal time to honor the fire by lighting your own.

6 Full Moon Bathe

The Moon and the element of water are intricately connected. As planetary ruler of the Zodiac sign of Cancer, the first of the water signs, the Moon symbolizes our emotions and the ebb and flow of our feeling bodies.

This means that under the light of the Full Moon, the element of water is charged. So ritual bathing – submerging your body in this super-charged elemental pool – can be healing and activating in equal measure.

Run yourself a sacred moon bath and ritually bathe with intention.


OR, if you’re game, set out a bucket or two of water and go get naked in the garden! Pouring activated lunar water over your body can be a transformational experience!


7. Have a Dance Party

Invite a few friends round and put on a party playlist.

Dancing is a great way to ground and diffuse any frazzling Full Moon energy (especially if the Full Moon occurs in an air sign). Not to mention being the ultimate expression of embodied gratitude.

8. Write Your Gratitude List

And speaking of gratitude, the Full Moon is the perfect time to pause on the treadmill and reflect. Grab some paper and pens and write a list of 10 things you have to be grateful for. Then push yourself and write 10 more.

Read through your list a few times and see if you can hold the feeling of gratitude in your body, actually containing it within your physicality.

Full Moons are powerful magnifiers – so whatever you consciously feel into at this phase will expand and attract more of the same.

9. Reflect

If you set New Moon intentions two weeks before the Full Moon phase, this is the time to go back over them and take a look at what manifested….. and what didn’t.

It’s no good setting intentions for the same things month in, month out, if you keep drawing a blank. So use this phase as an opportunity to dig in and reflect upon what’s happening below the surface.

  • Are you actually taking inspired action?
  • Do you believe you are capable of achieving your intentions?
  • Are you unconsciously sabotaging yourself?
  • Are you actually aware of opportunities when they rise? (perhaps they look different from your assumptions?)

Full Moons are illuminating. So use this penetrating light to reflect (with compassion and kindness) on where you are!


Yes. Put that to-do-list away. Dissolve those expectations. Banish any guilt or feelings of should-do-more.

The Full Moon gives you a totally valid excuse to do absolutely nothing.

Now, it’s your turn to share with us: What are your favorite ways to celebrate the peak of the Moon cycle? Let us know in the comments below!