On Monday, December 18 (10:30 pm on Sunday, Dec 17 Pacific Time) we will be blessed by a New Moon of such delightful energy and so much joy!

The Final Lunation Of 2017

This is the FINAL lunation of the year – signifying the birthing message we are to keep in our hearts as we cross the threshold into 2018.

  • This New Moon happens on the 18th of December Universal Time – activating 2018.
  • The Sun and Moon will be at 26° in Sagittarius, emitting strength, power, courage = leadership & abundance.
  • The New Moon will square Chiron putting an emphasis on surrendering to Love for the greatest healing.
  • Sun and Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius pointing to “Galactic Center”

Almost all planets (seven out of ten) are in mutable signs – five in Sagittarius and two in Pisces. This mutable emphasis allows change to flow through you uninhibited, so just flow and let go!

Here are some great things to focus on around this Sagittarius New Moon:

  • Listen BEYOND the Words to the TRUE Meaning of What Others Are Saying
  • Stop Second-Guessing Yourself by Calming Down Overactive Mind
  • Explore new spiritual & philosophical perspectives
  • Understand the universal, cosmic laws that govern all creation
  • Be GRATEFUL and share your Thank you’s liberally!
  • LAUGH and Make LIGHT of Your Mis-takes – Be LIGHTHEARTED & embrace Humor
  • Trust Your Guides & Vibes to lead you in the right direction
  • Connect with Nature
  • Communicate with total sincerity and FRANKNESS
  • Be a philanthropic and GIVE
  • Learn and explore –enroll in a class
  • Find a Mentor – Sagittarius rules higher learning and mentors
  • Get your car tuned up, washed and detailed
  • Support a friend
  • Start a conversation with a Stranger
  • Take a leisurely day trip – journey
  • Travel
  • Whatever you do, do it in a BIG Jupiterarian way!

The overall theme of delight, abundance and moment-to-moment exploration is central to 2018 as well.

Whatever you focus on at the end of the year – make JOY and GRATITUDE the central themes.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions will carry over into 2018!

This New Moon truly puts the HAPPY into your Holidays.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle