Did you know you can use astrology to help you decide on your next vacation or choose your ideal living locale for health, family, wealth or career?

Most of us are at least a little aware of astrology as an ancient study of the stars and their correlation with our human lives. But did you know it’s possible to use the information contained in your birth horoscope to understand where in the world is best for you?

In this 3-part blog series, Dawn will give you the lowdown on what the heavens may be saying about home-n-hearth for you!

How Astro-Location Works

astrocartographyPinAt the moment of your birth the Sun, the Moon, and each planet in our solar system was also ‘somewhere’ relative to the Earth. Let me explain…

Let’s say you were born in Seattle, Washington at 3:45am. At that very moment, somewhere in the world the Sun was rising. Somewhere else in the world it was setting. And somewhere else again it was at the apex or middle of the sky, along with it’s ‘opposite’ or the middle of the night. The same is true for the Moon and the other planets.

What does it all Mean?

What this means is that, if you take a world map and lay out the lines for each planet’s rising, setting, apex and nadir, you’ve got an idea of the locations around the world where the energies of those planets will have greater influence on your life, should you choose to spend some time there.

Here are some examples:

If you want greater health or to focus on healing and healthy lifestyle, your best bet would be to vacation at a health spa under a Mercury line.

If it’s a loving companion and harmonious family life you’re wishing for, you’ll want to have a look at where your Venus lines lay.

And if you’re ready to actualize the career of your dreams, then by all means consider moving under a Sun line.

The History of Astro*Carto*Graphy

The word ‘cartography’ means “the art, technique, or practice of compiling or drawing maps or charts”. The word “astrocartography” was coined – and the technique developed – by the late Astrologer, Jim Lewis. It refers to his locational astrology system of applying the wisdom of astrology to planetary geography, as I described above.

Lewis’ maps use a person’s astrological birth chart to show each location on earth where the planets were “angular” (rising, setting, at the zenith and nadir) at the moment of birth. These locations are shown in the form of lines running over a world map. Here’s an example of one of Lewis’ maps done for Barak Obama.


Astro*Carto*Graphy, is a trademarked term specifically for Jim Lewis’ maps, but locational astrology is a service offered by many astrologers. Have you ever noticed that you’re simply more grounded, productive, and energetic in certain cities? Is there a place that brings up past emotions every time you visit? Does your new house give you an uneasy feeling? Do you feel exhausted when you visit your hometown? Leave your comments below!

Believe it or not, your geographical location plays a HUGE role in your life. In Part 2 of this blog series, we have a look at a few examples of how astro-location actually ‘works’. Be sure to check it out and find out about the connection between Pluto lines and gut-wrenching parasites, as well as how to revolutionize your career under your solar lines!

Many blessings,

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