This week’s Angel Messages are all about a little message from your angels.  Let’s see what the Angels have to say…

Place one or both of your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to either ANGEL MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3 to receive a message from their heart to yours. I’d LOVE to know how the messages speak to you and please share and pass on the ANGEL’S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!


  • Angel Message #1 – 0:59
  • Angel Message #2 – 2:22
  • Angel Message #3 – 3:58

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angel message find your lightAngel Message #1


This card is all about the beautiful energy of light.

Through this card, your Angels are telling you that you are filled with light; there is so much light within. There is no separation between the light from your Angels  and your light.  Remember, you are the light. Your angels know you inside and out, so they want you to acknowledge and recognize your light.

Also, this focus on ‘light’ means that your Angels want you to lighten up. You might be feeling a bit heavy or  down, so your Angels are trying to build you up again. If you feel like you’re unprotected, or confused, bring more light into your life. Connect with this light, and invite more light into your life.

Angel Message #2


You are an incredibly courageous soul Its time to take a leap. With this card, your Angels are telling you to take courage, they want you to know that they will always support you. Your Angels are helping you to push forward. If you’ve been feeling like you’re unsure, your Angels are here to guide you. Your Angels want to encourage you, they will never push you to do something you’re not ready for. Take courage not only from within your own being but also from your environment.

Tell yourself you can do it. You can take this step forward.

angel message find balanceAngel Message #3


Balance is about binaries: positive or negative, light or dark. If you’re finding that things are not going your way, this means that your are directing your energy onto the negative elements in your life; therefore, creating imbalance in you soul. To re-center your soul’s alignment, you must recognize both the positive and negative elements in your life.

Your Angels want to reconnect with a place of balance. A place where you can reintroduce positive aspects back into your life. Finding balance is feeling happy in your bliss. What you give you will receive back. That’s what balance is.

Also, this ‘balance’ can also refer to your diet. If you feel that you’re not eating the healthiest or something feels off, it’s time to listen to your body. Ask your body what it needs most to feel renewed and reset.

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