Welcome to 2019! As always, take a moment to sit in the stillness of you, and choose the message that’s resonating with you most right now — #1, #2, or #3.

Feel free to fast forward to your particular message:

  • Message #1 — :51
  • Message #2 — 5:49
  • Message #3 — 11:19

Message #1

Fellow TravelersPin

If you were drawn to message #1, the card that comes up is Fellow Travelers. “Support is all around you.” You are moving from a place of isolation into a place of togetherness and community. This may be your “soul family,” or new people entering your life who help to support and encourage you. You may be deepening your relationships as well. As you move into this month, be vigilant to all the resources around you that you may not have noticed before. You deserve to be on this planet in a visible way. This card signals an end to merely pleasing other people and stepping into community as an equal with a valuable contribution!

Message #2

Stepping Into PowerPin

If you were drawn to message #2, the card that comes up is Stepping into Power. “You are strong beyond measure.” This is an invitation to shine your light into the dark places that may be haunting you inside, and doing some deep healing work. You are strong enough to heal any old hurts from the past. This card may also be about shining your light as a beacon to others, or speaking your truth. It’s time to step into your power!

Message #3

Opening To LovePin

If you were drawn to message #3, the card that comes up is Opening to Love. “My heart is open.” This is a time of healing for your heart. If you have felt the need to close your heart to keep pain out, this is your time to re-open that heart with self-compassion. Only with an open heart are you able to experience joy and live as fully as possible. Have a beginner’s mind as you move into this month. Your past is not an indication of what awaits you in the future. Let your heart (and mind!) be open.

With Love,