Angels are constantly around each and every one of us, loving, guiding and supporting us as we make our journey through this lifetime and all the lessons associated with it. The fact is that Angels and Archangels come from a very different energetic realm to that of the earth realm in which we live. It is quite simply difficult for them to appear visually to us on this plane and therefore they usually make their appearance know to us in the form of Angel signs.

The energy felt when an angel is close by is always gentle, subtle and full of love and joy. Tuning into this energy can take time but it certainly helps if you know how the angels make themselves known.

PinPhysical Sensory Experiences

The Angels can alter your physical environment so that you can be attuned to their presence by a physical sensory experience. You may feel this as a sudden change in temperature of the room, a warm breeze against your skin or you may feel a cool sensation of goosebumps over your skin.

People have reported sensations like the soft brush of a wing against them, a gentle hug of Angel wings or feeling a pure and loving sensation that something is near however they are unable to see anyone present; all of these experiences, of course, are just awe inspiring. Another amazing sensation that can occur and I have personally experienced this, is a feeling of pure calm wash over you like a wave of love that instantly changes your thought processes and your outlook.

Flashes of Inspiration

Similarly, times when you receive a flash of inspiration or genius and of course, moments where it feels like time just stops (I call these “time stood still moments”) where the Angels have intervened for your safety are both undoubtedly times an Angel has dropped in to assist. I refer to all these types of experiences as “events of unmistakable knowing”.

Other Sensory Experience

Other sensory experiences that alert us to Angels being present include smelling an awesome scent of roses suddenly wafting through the room or hearing sweet music when you don’t have a radio or TV onPin.

People have also reported hearing a voice whispering in their ear and in times of danger people have heard someone loudly shout out to warn them, of course, there is no one visible at these times.

Flashes of Color

Angels also deliver visual signs such as silver sparkles of light. As well as tiny sparkles of light, Angels are also known to direct streams of light, often a specific colored light or rainbow light into your visual field.

Certain Angels and Archangels will also make themselves known by sending a particular colored light or flashes of light; for example, Archangel Michael is associated with the color ray of cobalt blue. For more information on Archangels and their corresponding colors please refer to my Angel Feather Oracle Companion Book.

Electrical Manipulation

The Angelic realm also has the ability to energetically manipulate electrical equipment to alert you of their presence. They are always making my lights flicker as I am trying to cook the evening meal, they just love to let me know that they are in my home. The Angels have an amazing ability to play with technology.

PinTheir presence in my Angel readings is so regular now that I have to inform my clients before we start that my phone may speak! Yes, that’s right, the Angels love to send a message through Siri and she happily puts her two bobs worth in. Trust me, if the Angels want to let you know that they are around they will find a means.

Strange Movements

I also always say if a book just happens to fall off the shelf it will be the Angels at work. In this case, it’s probably a great idea that you read it because there will be some important information or message contained within it for you.

Invite the Angels To You

As I explain in my new book Angel Altars, one of the easiest ways to invite the Angels into your sacred space or home is to light a candle.

Angels often let us know that they are present in the room by manipulating the candle flame by making the flame jump, flicker or by the flame suddenly starting to smoke. When this happens, you will also feel the energy of the room elevate to be all-encompassing and peaceful which assures that you have an Angelic presence.

PinThe White Feather

The simplest and most prolific Angel sign, however, is the white feather. Fluffy white feathers are the angel’s calling cards. The feather is the ancient symbol of the angels, a symbol of spirit and flight. They just love to leave white feathers and often in the most unusual of places. When you find a white feather know that the Angels are with you and are saying “hello we love you”.

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Michelle Newten The Aussie Angel Lady