This week’s Angel Messages are all about the Dragon Energy, that wishes to speak with you this week. Your Angels are always with you, supporting and guiding you, so what are they whispering in your ear?

Let’s see what the Angels have to say…

Place one or both of your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to either ANGEL MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3 to receive a message from their heart to yours. I’d LOVE to know how the messages speak to you and please share and pass on the ANGEL’S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!


  • Angel Message #1 – 1:13
  • Angel Message #2 – 3:30
  • Angel Message #3 – 6:37

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Angel Message #1Pin

You Are Surrounded By Soul Family

You are loved and never alone. Open your heart for love at the soul level.

The card shows blue and pink coming together, colors we associate with male and female. But this is also all about balance. It represents the “push-pull” that we sometimes get with love.

Pink represents opening the heart to receive love. Yet the blue represents pushing love away, and the formation of boundaries. So together, the blue and the pink balance each other out, so that it becomes safe to let love in.

You are surrounded by your soul family! Even when it may not feel like it, love surrounds you, so look for it! Yet sometimes this love can mean actually moving away, so be aware of this as well.

This is a time to look at everything in your life from this place of love – not only relationships! Remember that you have a soul relationship with everything around you.

Angel Message #2Pin

Connect To Nature

Spend time in nature, and let its healing powers fill you.

Yet it’s more than this – this message is about actually letting nature become you! Realize that you are nature! So this deep connection that you’re being encouraged to make is actually about connecting to you.

Connect “heart to heart”. Even though you may not realize that a tree has a heart, there is a heart, there is a consciousness in the tree! So when you make this deep connection to yourself, and you connect to nature through yourself, you’re connecting to the heart of everything else around you. And you will feel it!

When you do this, and make this connection, it’s going to help to guide you, and bring you whatever you need in this moment.

Angel Message #3Pin

Remember Your Higher Purpose

Be ready to see the truth in any situation and open up to higher spiritual knowing.

Archangel Michael connects to the higher purpose, as does the indigo blue color in this card.

What is your vision? What is it you want to manifest in your life right now? It’s time to focus on your North Star, so look to where you are headed, but also see the truth in what is currently going on around you.

Archangel Michael’s energy is here to help you move away anything which is not true, to allow you to see what is. This blue energy is also here to open up your eyes, and open up your channels of communication. This combination of energies is supporting the pursuit of your personal truth right now.

If there is a situation that you don’t feel good about right now, you are being encouraged to look for the truth.


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