This angel message reading is all about the energy of success. Are you focusing on bring success into your life? Is there anything blocking you in your ability to manifest success? How can you achieve your own personal success?

S0, what does success mean?

Well, it means whatever it means for you. For me, success means having achieved something, having given something and it supporting someone else. Success for me means I am able to continue to do the work I need to do. But it’s not just success in work, it’s also success in your personal life, with your health, etc. that may be important for you to manifest.

Today, we’ll invite your angels that will support you and help you to understand what you are resonating with when it comes to success.

We’re using angel tarot cards and putting our vibration of success into the cards so, invite your angels to message you to message 1, 2 or 3.

Angel Message 1 – 2:55

King of Earth

The attributes of this card are:Pin

  • Generous
  • Professional
  • Responsible
  • Practical

The King of Earth’s messages are:

  • A successful time
  • Confidently accept opportunities you’re offered
  • The Midas touch

What does that mean for you?

The Midas touch is that golden vibration and success is within the golden energy. Gold signifies ‘golden opportunities’ and just as it says here, you need to accept those golden opportunities you’re offered. One of the things we sometimes do is ask for something, we say we’re open to receive it and then when it comes, we get scared and say we’re not ready for it yet.

And this could be what this card is telling you; you’re at that place where there are so many opportunities for you but if they are not appearing, it could be that subconsciously, you’re telling yourself you’re unavailable to accept them. To be successful, you need to be more open to these opportunities.

You have the ability to manifest and create the success that you want and the rainbow in this card tells you that you have everything you need to support your success, so you need to go for it! It’s just a case of saying you’re ready and willing to take the next step!


Angel Message 2 – 4:05Pin

Four of Fire

The messages of this card are:

  • Contentment, peace and abundance
  • A happy home life
  • A successful completion of a project

What does that mean for you?

Often with this particular card, it signifies marriage or partnership that may contribute to your success. So whether you’re looking to be successful in your personal or professional life, you should be open inviting someone else in to help get where you need to be.

It’s important to look at any incomplete projects as this vibration will be in your energy field;  your unfinished projects may be holding you back, so it is necessary for you to follow through and complete things. It’s a good reminder that in order to move on and achieve the success you’re yearning for, you must bring your projects to completion, or decide to cancel them altogether. Whatever you do, don’t leave things half done!

If you feel that you have completed your outstanding projects, this message to you actually means that you are in the right place and you’re on the right track towards feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Take on the right message for you.

The firey side to this card means that creativity can contribute towards your success and the stability of the number 4 is telling you that you have the capacity and ability to move forward and create your own success.


Angel Message 3 – 7:47


Four of Earth

The messages of this card are:

  • Being too frivolous or too cautious with money
  • Good business decisions
  • Giving to those less fortunate

When I look at this card, I see there is a being that is within the Earth and there’s a sense of encouragement that if you use this vibration to grow and evolve, you’ll be moving towards your own personal pot of gold.

There’s a little bit of stubbornness too. A feeling of, “I’m not quite ready”. You can see the jewels awaiting you, you can see the potential but you’re not ready to pursue it. The message here is that you must do this in your own time. You don’t have to do these things right now. You don’t have to measure yourself against the vibration of other people’s success, you should just go with what feels right for you!

It may be that you have started the ball rolling but you’re not ready to go further…yet! You have planted a seed, and they have grown to a certain extent and something needs to be tweaked for them to grow to the next step. You’re totally capable of doing that, you just may not be ready to move to the next step.

The number 4 in this card gives me a sense of a blocked feeling, because of the fear of the number 5. 5 can be devastation in some respects, but you have to endure this unrest and unpleasantness to reach the success that comes with number 6. You have to let go in order to move to the next step.

The violet in the card indicates transformation and it’s almost like that energy is in your life right now. Transformation is all around you; don’t hold onto the past. Allow yourself to take that step into the future, knowing that you are being guided, guarded, protected and loved.

You’re being shown that there is light at the end of the tunnel for you, but it may just be that you need to shift your mindset. Allow yourself to have the vision of success that is so rightly yours.

Let me know if your message resonated with you in the comments below…