We hope you enjoy your July Spirit Guide Reading! Please take a moment to clear your mind, connect with your heart, and ask yourself which message is right for you this month: Message #1, #2, or #3. You can fast forward the video to your chosen message. We’re using the Healing Angel Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno.

Message #1 — :47

Message #2 — 6:20

Message #3 — 9:02

Message #1


If you were drawn to Message #1, the card that comes up for you is Change.

You may be going through changes right now, and it may feel really unsettling. But deep within, your very nature is Change itself. You are a wild and unpredictable creature at heart. And so, you may feel energy stirring inside you to complete a project, or start something new, only to feel that inspiration dissipate. Sometimes it might make you wonder what your direction should be.

Just know, this is a normal part of being human. You are always changing, and so is everything in your environment. There are changes happening on the surface of life and beneath the surface. Just flow with it, as best you can. It’s okay to change your mind about something. It’s okay to change course and change direction. Bring acceptance to yourself as the energy of Change and enjoy the ride!

Message #2


If you were drawn to Message #2, the card that comes up for you is Clarity.

It’s time to reset your mind and give yourself a break! Go outside, take a breath of fresh air, let the sun hit your face, and breathe. This will help you achieve Clarity this month. Don’t allow your mind’s confusion to rule you. When you can’t think of a solution, let go of trying. Clear your mind. Let nature help. Two seconds of quiet is long enough to receive replenishment, inspiration, and messages from spirit guides.

Message #3

Positive Outcome

If you were drawn to Message #3, the card that comes up for you is Positive Outcome.

Hooray! You’re being invited to let go of worry this month. Something that’s been troubling you will be resolved. Give your worries to God, the angels, and your guides. Have faith in a wonderful outcome. It’s time to let go of a very heavy burden.