Last week, we looked at how to develop your clairvoyance, which is your ability to “see” as way of strengthening your psychic gifts. If you missed that video, feel free to go back and watch it here.

This week is all about clairaudience, which is the ability to hear messages from Spirit. When psychics talk about hearing messages from Spirit, we’re not hearing with our physical ears. We’re hearing words, phrases, and messages within our minds — and we’ve learned to tell the difference between our thoughts and the messages that come from a higher place.

Spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones send us messages telepathically. You already have the ability to receive these messages using your clairaudience, but it takes a little practice.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Do you know what a train whistle sounds like? Or a baby crying? You can “hear” these sounds inside your mind. This also happens whenever you talk to yourself silently. You hear your own words echoing in your head. When you read a book, do you hear yourself narrating? Do you imagine what the voices of the characters on the page sound like? This is key!

When a spirit guide or a deceased loved one wishes to send a message, they try to find a quiet moment in your mind in order to communicate with you. It’s not easy, because our minds are always “talking.” But there are very quick instances of silence, so fast that you may not even notice them. This is when our guides might send a word or phrase that you can pick up or perceive from within your mind. This is why meditation is such a wonderful practice because it increases the amount of time that your mind can remain relatively quiet.

How to Tell the Difference Between Your Thoughts and the Thoughts of Your Guides

There are two things to keep in mind when deciphering between your own random thoughts, and the thoughts of Spirit. Messages from spirit guides come unbelievably fast, because these beings are vibrating on another frequency. Often, psychic mediums have to ask our deceased loved ones to “slow down” because their telepathic messages are relayed at an extremely fast pace. This is why we can sometimes only catch a word or a phrase. We get the general meaning without needing full sentences.

Also, messages from Spirit are always loving. If you hear anything in your mind that is critical, mean or abusive, it is not coming from Spirit. It’s most likely coming from your inner judge. We have lots and lots of voices in our minds. When you make the decision to open to Spirit, you bring intent to being able to hear meaningful messages.

How to Strengthen Your Clairaudience

Listen. Really listen. Close your eyes and see how many sounds you can hear with your physical ears. Sirens, planes overhead, people chatting outside, etc.

Then, imagine yourself in a beautiful place in your imagination. It can be an ocean or a forest. What sounds do you hear with your inner ears in this place? Can you hear water nearby? Can you hear the wind whistling through the branches of trees? Do you hear the sounds of wildlife?

Finally, begin asking your spirit guides and loved ones in Spirit for messages. Ask them to “speak” to you. They will look for an opening — a time when you’re in a trance doing chores, meditating, or something that quiets your mind a little. They don’t need much, just a nanosecond of quiet. And suddenly… you’ll hear a word inside your mind, maybe you’ll hear a name, or whatever they want to send you. Just be open. Have faith. You can do this!

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