Archangel Michael is probably one of the most known angels on Earth. He’s recognized in many faith systems around the globe and always has been.

Archangel Michael is the great big daddy for me! He’s the big protector and Michael always feels like a very male energy to me, even though our angels are androgynous. They are neither male or female but the energy that comes from Michael for me is a deep energy of security of protection, and of divine love.

The messages that come from Michael are always so empowering to remind you that you are protected within your soul, right through your life. Every footstep, if you call on Archangel Michael, is guarded and guided by a divine force that can really help you to connect with the deepest aspects of you.

Archangel Michael also comes in in many valuable ways as you walk your path.

When you’re in a Time Crunch!

If I find that I’m under pressure time-wise, my timelines have gone wrong, I’m rushing and I’m racing, if I call on Archangel Michael to help me to mind the time, what actually happens is I find that I achieve everything that I need to.

If I’m running late and I call in Archangel Michael and say, “Will you help me?” I find all the traffic lights change to green for me. It’s like time stands still and some way or another, I end up on time. Even in the times when I’ve called an Archangel Michael to mind the time and it may have appeared that I’m going to be late, I find the other person that I’m meeting has also been delayed and was very flustered, and they’re actually delighted that they haven’t taken from my time.

When you call on Archangel Michael, it’s like it all gets balanced out and it’s quite incredible. I love when I call Archangel Michael to mind the time, because I see the divine hand coming and I see myself in that protection. just coming to life in a way that I couldn’t preplan.

When you’re stepping into the next stage in your life

Archangel Michael is also wonderful for cutting chords. We come to stages at the crossroads of our life all of the time, where what was, no longer serves. What was the frequency of love, no longer needs to be brought forward in our lives, because it doesn’t represent the growth that we’ve been through.

This can be really challenging, where relationships have come in and hurt or we’ve lost our job or we have fallen into bankruptcy or we have had a bereavement or a death. These are all crossroads that come and they find each of us and they hurt.

Sometimes in these moments, we are carrying bucket loads of guilt, shame, hurt, anger and resentment, and as a human, we don’t know what to do with it. We just feel lost in that whole feeling of disempowerment, heaviness and stiffness.

Time To Cut The Cord?

We just don’t know how to go forward but Archangel Michael has always been the great cord cutter. He helps us to leave the ties that bind behind us. He helps us to focus on the road ahead, rather than that road which has thwart us down and has made us feel stuck and disempowered. If you feel you’re at that crossroads and you need to cut the cord with a relationship, a memory or an event that is causing you to feel trapped, lacking in confidence, disempowered, overwhelmed, anxious, Archangel Michael is your Archangel to call in.

I have witnessed, as a soul illuminator helping people with their emotional connection and their divinity and that balance between their spirituality and their humanity,  that when Archangel Michael is called upon, the ease and grace that comes in, helping us to look forward is nothing short of a miracle.

It’s not something that I think we humanly know how to do, but this is where the beings of light come in. This is where the angelic messengers come in; this is where the miracle of connecting with source comes in, because they know how to bring that light back into us. They know what no longer serves and they know how to cut the cord in a way that allows our spirit to rise again, to find its force within us and allows us to start to walk forward again purposefully with an open heart and an open mind for the next stage that the soul is calling it to.

When Something Needs To Be Hidden

Archangel Michael is also great at allowing something to be hidden if required. Sometimes we end up at crossroads of life where something has happened, there’s been an event and it would be great if the other person just wasn’t so aware. We’re looking for a break.

I had this recently and my daughter was doing her driving test and she had an insurance disk that had one digit mistyped in by the government party that actually issues the license. In order for her to do her driver’s test, she actually needed to have everything right on that disk before that driving test.

I really wanted her to do her driving test that day and I was struggling. I called out some other lightworkers online to ask for help and one lady advised me to ask for Archangel Michael’s cloak to come around that disc for a level of invisibility, like an invisibility cloak to come around that disc.

Archangel Michael’s Invisible Cloak

I thought this was very interesting and at that particular moment, I was so desperate for this to be resolved, I put my faith there and I lifted my hands and I raised the energy saying, “Can you please bring invisibility to that little blip that is there on the insurance disk”? It was funny because I watched the man who was examining my daughter three times, looking at that disc and three times, he didn’t see the error. And I saw the wheels of the car turn and I see her saw her drive away. It was amazing!’

I’ve done it on many occasions, where you’re just asking for a lucky break. You’re just asking for something to be overlooked. It may be minimal but it might just be the break in life you need and you just need the Archangelic forces to come and carry and guide you during that time. It never lets me down it.

Just visualize the cloak of Archangel Michael, which to me is a royal blue cloak, coming around the person or the object that you need to just allow to be slightly invisible. It’s called the invisible cloak of Archangel Michael. If you’re going into a situation where you feel ill-equipped, that same cloak can be used. Place this beautiful cloak of Archangel Michael around your shoulders and ask for your auric field to be protected in love and light during the situation.

We nearly feel that life force coming around us and if you take a time to close your eyes and watch it happen, you can really feel that come around you.

During Legal Battles

The other wonderful way that I use Archangel Michael is in anything legal. He’s in charge of the police force. He’s in charge of justice. I have brought the advice through for many people in my angelic message readings with Archangel Michael to call on him when there is a tribunal, an arbitration issue, a justice issue, a legal issue that you just feel that you need help, a divine intervention to come for justice to prevail.

If you call on Archangel Michael, he is that beautiful energy that comes in and helps us with that aspect, with that sense of justice and allowing us to be seen in fairness and justice that is most balanced. If you’re going through something legal at the moment; if you’re going through a relationship, divorce-battle, separation; if you’re trying to fight with the law about something that really you feel is not fair and you want fairness, you want the scales of justice to be balanced, Archangel Michael is that beautiful angelic being of light who will come in and allow whatever transformation needs to happen. If it doesn’t happen the way you felt, just know that it is the way that your soul needed to see this unfold.

Calling on archangel Michael…

When I’m calling on Archangel Michael for anything by prayer, my mantra always is to allow justice to prevail if it’s for my highest good. I surrender and release and let it go and know that Archangel Michael will come in and bring forth the resolution that is needed in this moment in time.

The number of miracles I have witnessed and have been fed back to me by calling in Archangel Michael in people’s daily lives is just something that I could write a book on! It’s just amazing to see the touch of the master’s hand come in and bring that little bit of magic, miracle and hope. That is important for our souls’ evolution.

I hope this message has resonated with your heart. Obviously, Archangel Michael comes into each person individually in different ways. I would love to hear your stories. The Angels mean so much to me and I would love to hear what Archangel Michael has helped you within your life, and how he has come into your life in a way that you have seen that touch of the master’s hand.

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