Hello soul seekers, it’s Julianna Jay, the Soul illuminator here.

For me, January is a month of great reflection where we clear out the old and make space in the closets of our minds and hearts for great miracles to manifest. It is time to leave space for your new story. For your soul to express itself. Here is a message from Archangel Gabriel and Source to guide you to creating your new story as you unfold on your path.

Signpost form Archangel Gabriel

The magnificence of the day follows the dark recess of the night.

The thoughts stand in neat rows in the mind after being newly filed away in Divine order.

Do not carelessly pull out old files and re-hash them.

Leave them in their rightful place in The Past.

Bring your consciousness to the possibilities of A New Day.

A new dawn for happiness in your life.

Allow this happiness to reveal itself to you.

Note happiness shines through when our creativity shines through, so be available for new experiences.

Walk fearlessly forward to new beginnings, through new frontiers to new experiences.

This will be what brings you forward and allows you to emerge as the .,.beautiful being of consciousness that you were born to be.

Make a date with your destiny.