The butterfly is a very beautiful Angel animal sign.

The symbology of the butterfly is very interesting and deep, given its impressive process of metamorphosis from egg to larvae (caterpillar), to pupa (the cocoon) and its emergence from the cocoon as a stunning butterfly. One of the main symbols of the butterfly, therefore, is that of powerful transformation. The butterfly has the courage to leave the safety of the cocoon in a completely new form.


The butterfly sign is delivered reassuringly to you by the Angels and is symbolic that change and transformation does not have to be difficult.

The Angels ask you to accept change by taking the opportunities that are presented and encourage you to walk through the doors they open for you.

The Butterfly In Religion

The butterfly is also a highly spiritual symbol of many religions and cultures with its symbology associated with the human soul, the spirit, beauty, renewal, rejuvenation, balance and reincarnation.


The butterfly’s acceptance of her metamorphosis is also symbolic of a deep unwavering faith. When presented with a butterfly, the Angels are asking you to keep faith as these transitions in life unfold. When you see a butterfly, the Angels are with you delivering extra support and love as you navigate a change and transition that will result in personal growth and happiness.

The Color Of The Butterfly

The butterfly is also a symbol of joy and change. The color of the butterfly is most important to look at to gain deeper understanding of your Angel sign.

White butterfly

You loved one in Heaven is sending you love. Other meanings: new beginnings, purity, hope, faith, enlightenment, illumination, protection, calmness and perfection.

Red Butterfly

Pay attention there is some important news on the way. Other meanings: excitement, passion, and time for action.

Orange Butterfly

Stay focused on your creative projects and keep positive. Other meanings: social events, joy, passion and a shift in perspective.


Yellow Butterfly

Sunny and bright days are ahead. Other meanings: joy, creativity, renewal and rebirth.

Green Butterfly

Prosperity and good luck is coming for you. Other meanings, hope, encouragement and healing.

Blue Butterfly

Know as ‘the wish maker’, close your eyes an make a wish. Other meanings: joy, happiness, life purpose and acceptance.

Purple Butterfly

An important person will arrive in your life soon. Other meanings: spirituality, trust, courage, breakthroughs and transformation.

Butterflies also have a sense of lightness and joy surrounding them and are also delivered by the Angels as a reminder for us not to take ourselves so seriously. Just as the butterfly joyfully flutters around; the Angels ask us to keep moving. Other meanings for the butterfly include beauty, grace and the ability to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks. If you see two butterflies dancing about one another it symbolises marital happiness.

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Michelle Newten The Aussie Angel Lady